Inside the St. Petersburg Times: Steal, Bribe & Spy

What happens when a newspaper fails to serve the community? After Freedom Magazine published an in-depth report on the St. Petersburg Times last summer, a number of journalists formerly associated with the St. Petersburg Times came forward. They related incidents at the Times which revealed serious violations of journalism ethics.

When it was suggested to the Times that an internal investigation was in order, the paper’s attorneys declared the idea to be "preposterous". The Times leadership apparently believes it is beyond the bounds of inspection – even from within its own ranks.

With Pew Research Center surveys showing that only 29 percent of Americans think news organizations get the facts straight, and with the St. Petersburg Times’ refusal to consider even some internal soul-searching, we have a true crisis.

Read the full story in the latest Freedom Magazine special report – available for immediate download in PDF format here. (11.3 MB, requires Adobe Acrobat 8 or better)