Steve Hall

Steve Hall is one of the most loyal accomplices and valets of Marty Rathbubn. He will do anything to serve Marty.

Hall receives Scientology “counseling” from Rathbun in exchange for services. Word from the inside of Rathbun’s camp is that Marty considers Hall to be daffy, but puts up with him because he considers him to be a useful pitbull.

Like Rathbun, Hall comes from a family with deep mental health issues. His grandmother was institutionalized and submitted to electroshocks, and his grandfather died from a head gunshot suicide. His mother attempted suicide twice in addition to being institutionalized. Hall’s mother was addicted to meta amphetamines and received electric shock treatments while pregnant with Steve. Strangely, this same thing happened to Marty Rathbun while his mother was pregnant. This may explain the closeness between these two accomplices.

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