Silvia Kusada

Silvia was one of Marty Rathbun’s first accomplices in his fraudulent Scientology counseling practice.

Kusada has admitted several times on her blog, that she wanted to commit suicide.

There are concerns for Kusada’s mental and emotional health and about how Marty’s counseling may have helped her take a turn for the worse.

There are many stories floating around about Silvia being a serial user and manipulator of men. It has also been asserted (by someone in her circle) that she married her current husband primarily to have his health insurance pay for surgery that she needed to have.

Interestingly, Silvia appears to have manipulated Marty Rathbun, just like she did with other men, and Rathbun decided to appear to sever his links with her. Rathbun until recently, provided on his blog a link to Kusada’s blog. He recently removed it.

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