United We Stand

On September 11th, 2001 America suffered an unspeakable tragedy; a crime of hatred that took the lives of thousands of people. Religious Freedom Watch joins with religious organizations around the world in expressing our sorrow to the families of these victims. To the many courageous firefighters, police officers, emergency workers, and volunteers from all walks of life, we offer our gratitude and support.

Unbelievably, to some this tragedy is an opportunity to advocate more hatred, instigate more violence.

Therefore, our commitment to educating the public on the devastating influence of bigotry, and its sources, remains at the forefront of our movement, for only by exposing extremists before they strike can we ensure the future safety of our communities.

[imgright]http://religiousfreedomwatch.org/images/usa.jpg[/imgright]It is a time to come together, for America as a country, and for the world as a family of nations. Our differences must be respected, our commonalities reinforced. Our only enemy is those who seek to use our differences to divide us. By standing together we will survive this tragedy and take from it the strength and resolve to build a better world for all.

If you have any information regarding the crimes committed on September 11, 2001 please visit the IFCCFBI page today.

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