Religious Freedom Watch Alert

Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, a small group of anti-religious extremists have been active on internet newsgroups exploiting this tragedy for their own bigoted ends. By posting outrageous lies and slurs about racial and religious groups, they hope to manipulate the emotions of a distressed American population. Here are some examples of the hate-filled messages they have posted:

British Extremist Roland Rashleigh-Berry:

September 14, 2001

“The only cure is to eradicate Islam from the face of your country – before they eradicate your friends and family members. K K K – your hour is now. Your country needs you even though they are too stupid to ask for your help. Only YOU can save your country. Only YOU can save the white people of the world – The Christian peace-loving folk. You are the only future the US can have. Your time is NOW!!”

September 17, 2001

“…they [the United States] should do to the Muslims in America now what they wrongly did to the Japanese in their own country after the attack on Pearl Harbor…”

September 18, 2001

“Surely the US won’t do anything until this religious country has gone through all the motions of getting its religiou [sic] leaders to meet together and…* K A B O O M * Bye bye ragheads.”

French Extremist Roger Gonnet:

September 11, 2001

“These people (most probably ‘religiously-led’ – I mean, cultically) were completely brainwashed, – and were also the effect of foreign politics by the US govt. Bush should make seppuku: that’s what a proud guy should do in such a case. The time is not to more laxism regarding cults. It’s to more force applied so as to obtain that they respect LIFE, and respect HUMAN RIGHTS.”

These extremists pose as “concerned” individuals exercising their right to free speech; in truth they are part of an organized network, dedicated to destroying religious freedom.

In recent weeks numerous incidents of anti-religious, or racially motivated violence have occurred in America and internationally. While millions across the globe saw this as a time to unite and show compassion and understanding for their neighbors, the above individuals have steadily spread their hatred, encouraging divisiveness, some even promoting violence.

These are the actions of a few – not the many. However, as the events of September 11th so tragically demonstrated, the unreasoning hatred of a few can have devastating consequences.

Anyone who comes in contact with the above individuals is urged to visit the Anti-Religious Extremists section of our site and inform themselves of the backgrounds, associations and actual intentions of these individuals, so as not to be influenced by their lies.

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