Inflammatory Tactics & Hate Slogans

Andreas Heldal-Lund was the creator of an inflammatory and violent propaganda slogan on a T-shirt.

The violent nature of such propaganda shows this small group of hate agitators is diametrically opposed to the tenets of Mahatma Gandhi.

As you can see from the documents they know such propaganda is violent and untrue.


“… IMO, the whole slogan of ‘Scientology Kills’ is again *deliberately* extreme &”

Kates is aware that the slogan is not a “true factual representation.”

You can see from the document in which Kates dispassionately and without any sense of scruples or moral compunction discusses the pros and cons of using a slogan she knows is a misrepresentation, her only criteria being how it may aid the agitators.

Kates does not care anything for the truth; only for the effectiveness of the hate campaign against Scientology and Scientologists. In this discussion she is fully aware that the slogan is not true and we further quote Kates:

“However, ‘Scientology Kills’ … is not necessarily the most effective statement … Secondly, we also don’t want to appear as fanatics to the community as a whole, either.”

Even though she has stated that it is deliberately extreme and not firmly grounded in truth Kates goes on to say:

“However, I don’t think there’s something “wrong” with it as a slogan, …”

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