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Subject: The CW Papers -2 [text]
Date: 09 Dec 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Subj: Re: [civd] (name_removed)-Request for you to rename your revised web
Date: 98-11-18 13:30:05 EST
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I think it is a good idea to hurt tourism. If the city finds out that tourism isn't going well because of scientology, they will do more against them.

Tilman, Munchhaussen by Proxy? It's ok if it ain't "you" being the one who suffers? Tanx. I can think of 57 different better "varieties" of how to sauce Scn. Like I said, I think the citizens of little Clearwater (population 105,000) have paid enough of a cost these past 23 years. But I understand what you mean.


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