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Subject: The CW Papers -6 [text]
Date: 12 Dec 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Subj: Re: [civd] I talked to CW police
Date: 98-11-18 13:55:54 EST
From: (Sandra Jamison)
Reply-to: To: wrote:

I was supposed to call the CWPD today to give them an estimate of how many people we'll have and basics about the picket. The Lt. told me that the church is still planning an event on the Ft. Harrison side of the sidewalk both Dec. 5 and 6. so that side will be closed. We get the east sidewalk across the street.

ALSO, the church is trying to do something on the Sandcastle sidewalk with kids so they want exclusive use of that sidewalk. The Lt. said that that sidewalk will be open to anyone that day, so I told him if there was a conflict that we would stay on the sidewalk across the street. I'm sure the church wouldn't want their kids seeing all that entheta across the street, so we'll just play that one by ear.

The police will not be speaking to us the day before as they have done in the past. They seem to be sensitive about being accused of collaborating with us.

I think we should ask the CPD to speak to us and also ask 2 ppl from Scn to be there. This way we can have a 3 way discussion/agreement. If Scn doesn't attend. oh well and there go their claims of "collaborating" or "conspiracy".

But since they've talked to us the last 3 times we know about what they would say anyhow.

True but some of the new folks might benefit from the "talk" ;o) I'm thinking after the codess conference we can eat together in the ballroom before our 2pm meeting? There's a Pizza Hut right next door :) Heh, sounds good and they deliver ;o)


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