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Subject: The CW Papers [text]
Date: 11 Dec 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Subj: Re [civd] Two candlelight vigils????
Date: 98-11-20 13:00:49 EST
From: (Sandra Jamison)
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Grady Ward wrote:
Can something be said to Tom Tobrin about this? Maybe he can write up a cute little "slam" article that sends home what grady has said? I mean, I don't like the idea that they're trying something like this.



Yes, this is the old sterile male fruitfly trick

You put out enough decoys and the public will assume any outher belongs to the main group.

That is, by flooding Dec 5 with candles, people will think ours are the same as the cults.

I think I will put on my own personal vigil maybe the night of the 4th or 3rd or ...

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