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Subject: The CW Papers [text]
Date: 09 Dec 1999 00:00:00 GMT
The Kevin's FilesSubj: Re: [civd] Re This is not a republic committee.
Date: 98-11-23 16:16:29 EST
From: (Grady Ward)
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How young are you? You don't understand?? How quaint. Get real. Hit hard. Hit or go home. I intend to protest in my own way. I will be there with Exile at the Yachtsman at 800 am. Enturbulating the publics over morning coffee. Yes. Willie Sutton was right.



If you are familiar with my use of grossly indecent language to taunt the cult in "my" program to elicit criminal acts and wasteful diversions of the criminal cult of scientology,you realize that I did not pay attention to many arsers who were and are shocked and offended by my satirical characterizations of the main criminal actors in scientology. Like you I followed my own path mainly because I knew through kill files and other means that people could shut me out it they choose.

... I would say the issue is not one whether you have the right to taunt and enturbulate the cult. No question that you do and as long as you are lawful I would support in any way that forwards your unique program.


Of course you have "right" to fart in a movie theater during the love scene but most people would consider it somewhat rude. Why not far during the battle scene or go out to the lobby? I trust your intent is not to disrupt the rest of us picketers but to get your unique message across

I please ask you not to disrupt the picketing efforts of us who are guests of your city and that you plan with me and others to have our own little enturbulative events at a time OTHER than the time and place of the somber memorial picket.

Like you I love to provoke the little criminal bastards. But I won't do it in a way which shows rudeness and disrespect for the efforts of the other picketers.

Whatcha doing on the evening of the 2nd? I have some provocative flyers to hand out at unexpected places. Come with me! Heh heh.


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