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Someone is blowing the whistle on the true motives of those anti-religious extremists who have committed violent and hateful acts against the Church of Scientology and its parishioners.

Scanned images of emails written by these people that discuss how to cause trouble, instigate violence and damage the city of Clearwater were posted to a newsgroup by an anonymous insider who is apparently fed up with their lies and underhanded tactics.

The person signed his/her newsgroup postings as “The Kevin’s Files,” hence the name for this section of the site.

Anyone with information regarding hate crimes against religion, is urged to contact local law enforcement. For assistance on whom to contact in your area, write to

Text Version 23 Nov 98 – Grady Ward”… the issue is not one whether you have the right to taunt and enturbulate[*]…. No question that you do …””I love to provoke …””I have some provocative flyers to hand out …”
Text Version 22 Nov 98 – Jeff Jacobsen“… our ‘group’ is essentially an anarchy …”
Text Version 20 Nov 98 – Sandra Jamison”Can something be said to Tom Tobrin about this? Maybe he can write up a cute little “slam” article that sends home what grady has said?”
Text Version 18 Nov 98 – Jeff Jacobsen“The police will not be speaking to us the day before as they have done in the past. They seem to be sensitive about being accused of collaborating with us.”
Text Version 18 Nov 98 – Tilman Hauser (quoted by another)”I think it is a good idea to hurt tourism.”
20 Oct 98Text Version 20 Oct 98 – Rod Keller”I just got a fairly frantic phone call from the CWPD.[*]


To upset – make angry, frightened, sad, etc.

Clearwater Police Department

Tom Tobrin:
Reporter with the St. Petersburg Times

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