What is the Real Agenda for FECRIS?

On April 23-24, 1999, members of FECRIS met in Paris where they planned their strategies for the suppression and banning of new religious movements in Europe. A declaration signed by members during the conference lays out their agenda, a strategy designed to crush the growth and freedoms of new religious movements.

One of the key speakers was Alain Vivien, president of the “Interministerial Mission Against Sects” in France who has been a key player in orchestrating attacks against religious movements in France.

Another speaker who addressed the attendees, Ursula Caberta, urged that a European-wide foundation be established that provides for legal and financial support to anti-religious groups. She spoke about the need to amend constitutional law amendments that in essence would make it impossible for new religions to enjoy the freedoms granted to established religions.

Jacques Guyard, a French MP and member of now disbanded MILS, spoke about an AFF conference coming up in May, referring to AFF as their “sister organization” and noting that Dr. Jansa from Spain would be attending AFF’s conference.

A key objective of FECRIS is the establishment of a European Observatory on groups of a religious, esoteric or spiritual nature so that anti-religious groups in various countries can exchange information.

How will FECRIS accomplish their real agenda, the removal of religious groups that may differ from more established religions? Through manipulation of association laws (deregistration), through Customs and Immigration laws, parliamentary commissions to bring about legislation and through the promulgation of falsified and twisted information spread through newspapers.

This trend of increasing encroachment on the human rights of Europeans is of concern to many religious leaders and scholars who are taking a stand for religious freedom. We invite you to join in and voice your support for human rights. If you have information that you think should be added to this website, please send it to webmaster@religiousfreedomwatch.org

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