Anonymous hates all racial minorities, especially African Americans. Its members freely use the worst cultural epithets and stereotypes to denigrate Blacks and their culture.

Anonymous targets their online communities, using phrases reminiscent of the South before desegregation and the imposition of equal civil rights. As their own postings show, its members have declared war on African Americans.

Hacking of Habbo Hotel Social Networking Site:

Habbo Hotel is a social networking website owned and operated by Sulake Corporation. It is aimed at teenagers and features virtual chat rooms where users adopt online identities called avatars.

In 2006, Anonymous raided Habbo, having all of its members adopt avatars of black men in gray suits, which they called “Nigras.”


Anonymous used these avatars to overwhelm the site and block access to it such as by forming their avatars into swastikas or claiming the pool was closed because of “AIDS.”

“Streaked with Cruelty”

Wired Magazine covered the Habbo Hotel “raid” by Anonymous (shown below) and other computer hacking incidents in an article in September 2008. Anonymous was in the news due to an Anonymous member hacking into the personal e-mail account of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Wired noted that the harassment tactics by Anonymous were “streaked with cruelty.”


Hacking of Urban Culture Websites:

On June 27, 2008, Anonymous launched an online attack on two popular hip-hop music websites, defacing them with Nazi symbols and fake headlines. This attack was precipitated by a “Call to Arms” on one of Anonymous’ Internet channels,, declaring, “n*****s called us out, we have to destroy them,” supplemented with racist imagery.

MTV reported on this incident as follows:

“Both companies’ sites were hacked, and instead of the usual hip-hop related news articles and feature stories, readers were shocked to find fake headlines and obviously photoshopped pictures saturated with racial slurs and other offensive terms; the hackers also stole personal information about employees of A group or individual going by the name “Anonymous” has claimed responsibility.”, a primary site used by Anonymous members to chronicle the activities of and, announced that Anonymous would continue its “fight against n*****s”. It stated:

“Anonymous has no regard for one’s material gains or how “nannified” a racial demographic is – Anonymous only exists to destroy. That lesson has been made abundantly clear to …”

The CEO of issued a statement, saying:

“It appears that hackers are specifically targeting Black, Hispanic, Asian and Jewish youth who ascribe to hip-hop culture. … Other websites, including AllHipHop and DatPiff forums have also been compromised or threatened this week….”

The screen shot from (below) shows what the site looked like after Anonymous defacement.


Religious Intolerance & Hatred

The most sacred religious beliefs and the most traumatic collective religious experiences are trivialized and debased by Anonymous. Not only is mankind ridiculed for any belief or aspiration to something spiritual rather than physical or temporal, every spiritual leader, every man, woman, child and God are all reduced to the sum of their sexual parts – individually, collectively and obscenely – with accompanying visuals, as shown within these pages.


Like the Nazi propaganda of the 1930s and 1940s, Anonymous posts caricatures intended to denigrate Jews.


Anonymous denigration of Muslims:

Anonymous also degrades the Islam religion, such as in this image:


Anonymous image taunting Muslims

(“BRB” is Internet slang for “Be right back”.)

Other degraded and demeaning images can be found in Encyclopedia Dramatica, such as a “cartoon” depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a pedophile. This has not been included due to its extraordinarily offensive nature.

Anonymous advocating religious intolerance and violence:


Use of Nazi Symbology:

Use of Nazi symbology to mock and denigrate people for their beliefs or practices, and emulation of the Nazi mentality is a thread that runs through Anonymous forums and websites.

Swastikas were used in the Habbo Hotel raid in 2006, and were plastered on the hip-hop website, SOHH.comm, in 2008. While Anonymous members may claim these are merely “pranks,” the horrors of the Holocaust and the millions who suffered or were killed should never be fodder for perverse “amusement.”

In another incident that brought media attention to Anonymous and 4chan, members brought a swastika to the top of Google’s “Hot Trends” feature, which displays the fastest-rising search terms on the web. The company issued an apology and manually took down the symbol.

Anonymous Goose Stepping

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