Valerie Emanuel

Valerie Emanuel is a United States postal worker who, according to her hate writings on the Internet, takes psychiatric drugs for what she describes as “rage” and “depression.” In addition to posting negative or critical remarks about the U.S. Postal Service, its management, and her co-workers, Emanuel attacks the Scientology religion, its parishioners and their businesses.

Emanuel claims to have been suffering from mental illness since 1994. Her hate campaign against Scientology began in 1997. She began by sending out harassing emails to business people, then, after becoming involved with extremists on the Internet, began posting to an anti-religious newsgroup and participating in hate marches in front of Church buildings disturbing the religious services.

Emanuel also erected a website specifically designed to misinform and foment hatred toward the Scientology religion and its parishioners. The site is primarily republished propaganda gathered from Emanuel’s extremist associates. It publishes lists of names of Church members on pages with dramatic graphics of dripping blood; an obvious attempt to provoke the uniformed, intimidate parishioners and put their lives at risk.

Emanuel describes herself in one posting as being “bi-polar with rage and depression.” She states that Lithium is what keeps the rage “to a manageable irritation, the depression I’m treating with St. John’s Wort.” Yet, in a posting from December 13, 1998, while Emanuel was participating in a hate march in front of a Scientology Church, she wrote that her lithium was “wearing off” and she needed to get out of town.

Emanuel claims to be a fundamentalist Christian. She claims to have attended a class designed “to help you mature in your Christian life” and mentioned receiving Christian counseling.

She appears to be one of those few individuals who manage to twist the teachings of Jesus Christ to justify their hatred of other religions and motivate vicious attacks against them. Ironically, many of the extremists she associates with on Internet newsgroups are virulent anti-Christians who preach the same degree of intolerance toward Christianity as Emanuel practices against the Scientology religion.

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