Tory Christman

image Victoria Lee “Tory” Christman is a run-away housewife who abandoned her husband when some “new friends” she met over the internet promised her an exciting new life.

Christman’s new friends are the anti-religious extremists documented on our site.

For months they had been working her over, appealing to her naiveté, luring her away from her religion and her husband. They offered her a trip to Florida with pre-paid first class airline tickets and luxury accommodations, all expenses paid, their plan being to publicize her vacation as a Church defection in support of their anti-religious cause. Using an anonymous online persona, Christman had led them to believe she was someone important and respected within the Church; they had no idea they were recruiting a bored housewife.

Christman’s plan was to dump the husband who had been her main support for over 25 years because, as she told a family friend, “I have been carrying him for years and he’ll never be a success. It’s over between us.” But Christman’s escapade didn’t work out the way she hoped; her extremist friends had little use for someone who appears so lacking in intelligence. Extremist Patricia Greenway, meeting Christman for the first time, had this to say about her, “There’s something innately dishonest there but it’s combined with a nutty quality AND she’s somewhat man hungry.” Christman came home with her credit cards maxed-out and her tail between her legs. Her husband once again paid off all her bills but, after months of rejections, finally moved on.

Christman has never had a career or even held a job for long. Now in her 50’s and left to support herself, she works low-paying jobs while seeking publicity by blaming her former religion for the breakup of her marriage and the loss of their once-mutual friendships.

Regardless, Christman is so lacking in credibility she can’t call-in to a radio show anymore without the host hanging up on her. Such was the case when Religious Freedom Watch Publisher Joel Phillips recently sat in on a discussion hosted by a famous Los Angeles talk-radio host. Most callers were interested to learn what Scientology is and why it is the fastest growing religion on Earth. Christman, the lone extremist to call in on the unscreened line, began with an attempt to malign Religious Freedom Watch, then launched into a personal attack on Mr. Phillips. Christman later admitted to her extremist buddies, I should have said something different. Apparently the host agreed; he found her comments so inappropriate he disconnected her call after only a few minutes with the comment, this is getting too personal. Despite her lies, the media is getting wise to the tall tales of Tory Christman.

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