Tanya Durni Lennox

Who is Tanya Durni? Here is a description given by her peers:

[Name Deleted]: “Tanya Lennox Durni sounds like another nutter on ARS [abbreviation of a usenet hate group].”

Rob Clark: “I can barely even tell if anyone’s insane or not.”

[Name Deleted]: “Most of the sincere posters and also the sane ones can be determined if they actually can discuss things coherently. But even some of them fool ya. Like Phil Scott fooled me for years because as far as I was concerned he never had anything interesting to say and I would just skim over his articles.”

Rob Clark: “Well, a test is “can you explain this” or “do you have any evidence of this?” If something is weird or confusing. If it’s a sane person they’ll explain it, provide evidence, or say that they don’t have any, but they believe it because of x, y or z. If they’re a nutter they’ll go bugf-k

[Name Deleted]: “Tanya’s nuts… Look at her response to what Ed says to her in the thread …”

Tanya Durni: “Up for a picket with Keith [Henson] in Toronto this summer?”

Kady O’Malley: “Tanya, no.”

Tanya Durni: “ok.”

Kady O’Malley: “I’m not into picketing.”

Kady O’Malley: “pts [Rob Clark], and Tanya Durni! Or as I call her affectionately, tanya dullardi.”

Rob Clark: “God what a brainless tw-t.”

Kady O’Malley: “She drives me mental.”

Rob Clark: “That’s from being so infuriatingly dim. A sheep would be hard-put to outstupid that twittering nitwit.”

Kady O’Malley: “She doesn’t even know what propaganda is.”

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