Roland Rashleigh-Berry

British citizen Roland Rashleigh-Berry is among the most virulent extremists in the anti-religious movement. In his postings to internet newsgroups he writes with enthusiasm about the killing of religious people and believes that all religions should be targeted for eradication.

October 30, 1998

“All religion is a scam.”

May 7, 2001

“We need to rid the world of superstition and especially the mind-numbing disease called religion.”

September 12, 2001

“In terms of it’s best to slaaughter [sic] all religious adherents – yes – I agree.”

December 13, 2001

“I HATE religions. I invite YOU to HATE THEM TOO. Find out the harm they have done in the world. Christianity in the past. Islam now. Read all about it and maybe YOU TOO will HATE THEM like I do.”

Rashleigh-Berry has a history of advocating violence against religious groups. In July, 1997, he discussed on an internet newsgroup the use of letter bombs to blow up Churches of Scientology. In 1998 he suggested a new religion called “Kill the Klams” (meaning Scientology parishioners). He stated:

“It is perfectly okay to go up to a Scientologist and kill them.”

He also wrote in July 1997:

“There are plenty of nutters who know how to make letter bombs. The addresses of the [derogatory name for Scientology churches] are on the internet. I reckon it will only be a matter of days before the letter bombs end up in the [derogatory name for Scientology churches] in-trays. > Watch the news.”

Rashleigh-Berry routinely participates in hate marches against Scientology Churches and their parishioners. He then boasts about his activities over the Internet to other extremists, encouraging them to commit similar acts.

Christianity is a long-time target of Rashleigh-Berry’s hatred:

January 8, 2000

“I went through a very bad time with Christianity trying to make sense of it when I was young. I prayed a lot but it didn’t get me anywhere.”

September 16, 2001

“Christianity is seen to be a nonsense religion.”

September 19, 2001

“All religions are false religions and so all priests are liars and conmen. And all the money the churches have has been conned out of the public and should be returned to the public. The priests and the administrators of the churches should be put on trial for their criminal acts.”

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were seen by many anti-religious extremists as a prime opportunity to spread fear and divisiveness in America, using the Internet as their platform. While world leaders are stressing that these acts of terrorism were perpetrated by a group of extremists who have violated the most basic precepts of the religion they claim to represent, Rashleigh-Berry, along with others of his ilk, wasted no time in propagating his own anti-religious messages, attempting to stir up more hatred, death, and destruction.

September 17, 2001

“…they [the United States] should do to the Muslims in America now what they wrongly did to the Japanese in their own country after the attack on Pearl Harbor…”

September 18, 2001

“Surely the US won’t do anything until this religious country has gone through all the motions of getting its religiou [sic] leaders to meet together and…* K A B O O M * Bye bye ragheads.”

At the same time, Rashleigh-Berry attacks other faiths, revealing an agenda to play one religion off against another:

September 14, 2001

“I’ll cross post this to the islamic newsgroup so they can see what a vile, cruel, vicious and brutal religion Christianity is compared to their own. If you thought Islam was evil, then read what is below and what is quoted from the Bible. Some “God of Love”.”

April 12, 2003

“So when we die we have got to face and be inspected or examined by Christ/Buddha/Krishna or whaterver [sic]. Just who the fuck are they to judge us? So, OK, they might have created the whole universe but who gave them the authority to bring us into Beingness and to subject us to testing? Is it something we agreed? I wrack my little brain but can find nothing. So some faggot Son of God Jesus creeping sandal wearer is the big boss, is he, for getting his incompetent worthless ass nailed to a pice [sic] of 4×2? And because we want a bit of satisfaction in life it is all wrong because this loony cunt decided it was better to have himself nailed on to a piece of wood? And this is supposed to be a good example to us all? Well, as far as I am concerned, this Christ/Krishna/Buddha cunt can go fuck themselves [sic].”

Rashleigh-Berry’s intent in cross-posting this hate-propaganda is made clear in a message addressed to the Ku Klux Klan:

September 14, 2001

“The only cure is to eradicate Islam from the face of your country – before they eradicate your friends and family members. K K K – your hour is now. Your country needs you even though they are too stupid to ask for your help. Only YOU can save your country. Only YOU can save the white people of the world – The Christian peace-loving folk. You are the only future the US can have. Your time is NOW!!”

Newsgroup readers are advised that such hate propaganda is a calculated attempt to turn Americans of faith against each other in an effort to destroy all religion.

Anyone who succumbs to these lies will only succeed in harming their country and themselves.

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