Patricia Greenway

Patricia Greenway is an anti-religious extremist who is very active behind the scenes as she personally admits in a chat room, “I’m a ‘behind the scenes’ person, remember” in harassing members of the Scientology religion and people she does not like. However, new insights give valuable revelations as to the extent of Greenway’s involvement in orchestrating and exploiting people for purposes of harassment. From the thousands of chat logs received by Religious Freedom Watch, several statements made by Patricia Greenway now shed new light as to her actual activities, agenda and extremist state of mind.

Though Patricia Greenway portrays herself as a woman with class below are just few of the many expressions Greenway uses in a chat room.

“… and here’s this broad who keeps asking them questions she needs my foot up her ass and by the next break… GOD, she gets on my nerves. … That witch “Charlie” is going to end up with my foot planted in her ass before this is all over.”

“Pinellas county is SO fucked up”

“What a friggin asshole. can YOU believe? I can’t believe that prick [referring to Arnie Lerma] would try again… and LUNATIC Lerma doesn’t GET IT???? god, I was pissed when I heard about that … he’s a lazy good for nothing LOSER who sits on his ass all day making up excuses why he can’t work and blaming everybody else for his woes…all the while sitting around spinning conspiracy theories…regardless of who they hurt. … he fails to verify that as he does everything else he says he just doesn’t give a shit he thinks every word out of his mouth is golden … he used to tell me to pass the info to him so HE could disseminate it in the channel. he used to back channel me and tell me that I was being too much a center of attn…and that I should hand off my news to HIM … I recall a STRING of go fuck yourselves in fact.”

“PISS off Henson you idiot you never know what you’re talking about you’re so full of shit, I don’t know why [unknown] and [Rob Clark] waste their time talking to an idiot like you.”

“I hope somebody tells Lerma he’s been outted … what a fucking loser too bad he doesn’t have a pot to piss in… I’d LOVE to sue him in to the next lifetime … he fucked this one up all to hell.”

“Mark is drunk and nuts and has a tiny penis…tell that to everyone you can but don’t say that I told you”

“I’ve met someone here whose company’s been asked to do consulting work… I need some DIRT to give him, where do I find it?”

“Very disheartening. Whores, gooney…whores. Call a spade a spade. Or you could call a spade a whore too.”

“Yeah, well there’s no real justice system anymore…you got take it to civil court and pay out the wazoo. … A little blackmail didn’t hurt either.”

And she doesn’t spare words when she speaks of judges:

“…Dishonorable Baird [Pinellas County circuit court judge] was his usual self… if Baird wants to be an ass”

“by the way, Pennick [Pinellas County circuit court judge] is back on heavy duty.”

“… idiot judge Beach [Pinellas County circuit court judge].”

“… if Greer had half a brain…”

“… the idiot judge GREER wants to do it all over again.”

And a few comments Greenway made about a new “friend”:

“Anybody care to share their thoughts on [Tory Christman]? … well, I met her last night…at my birthday dinner. Wanna hear MY take on her? There’s something inately dishonest there but it’s combined with a nutty quality AND she’s somewhat man hungry so I might be tempted to think she was in scn as long as her hubby had dough. … she seemed to be after everybody she even asked ME to help her find a man LOL like I have LOTS of time for that … she’s definitely nutty she’s all over the map.”

Greenway is very active in exploiting the media and manipulates people that work with her to accomplish her objectives.

“Oh, dst [David Stuart Touretzky] — I got another bite on the Foley story;-). Got a call from a reporter today … talked for an hour. … I’m…on that maggot.”

“Can dst [Touretzky] use any of this? …dst is going to be on the radio in a half hour. …Dave is pulling a yeoman’s load of entheta he’s become the KING of ENTHETAVILLE. OH YOU DA MAN. Oh Dave, give me the details. Yes indeed…and a well placed person puts the word out in the most effective way.”

“So did everybody enjoy the Razor Mag article?”

Dave [Touretzky]: “congratulations AGAIN. … let’s keep the heat on, dst [Touretzky] we’ve kicked ’em in the balls.”

“I went out and bought a GLOBE. … congratulation … ONE INCH TALL BOLD TITLE. … dst [Touretzky] take a bow.”

And when the reporter doesn’t go with Greenway or Touretzky, here is what she has to say:

“Who’s the reporter? Well, I would tell her to suck an egg. … She can go suck an egg now. … Bitch. Fuck her.”

The Razor “story” was co-authored by David Touretzky and Greenway’s paramour, Peter Alexander. Touretzky, who is funded by taxpayers from grants by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute for Mental Health, appears to be using his position, funding and facilities at Carnegie Mellon University to comply with Greenway’s wishes. In fact Touretzky himself states in the same chat room that he is overpaid with the grants he receives from the US Government.

And when Greenway is ordered to produce financial records here is what she says:

“Meanwhile we have a ‘redacting crew’ here working late into the night in order to show the books and records on Friday. So, not to be eloquent, but: FUCK … He filed suit against Peter 2 weeks ago so its never ending and they got some loonie judge in Pinellas to open litigation in the courts.”

Scientology is not the only religion that Greenway hates or denigrates. The following are comments made by Greenway concerning the religion of her very own clients.

“A lot of our clients are switching to aol … they have a lot of dough over there [Middle East] (no surprise) and because of the Islamic crap … very little to do as a family they can’t drink or dance or see most movies so theme parks are big biz over there. they do their drinking and porno movies at home behind closed doors.”

Greenway really proves her obsession about religions when she refers to the biggest theme park businesses in the world, as cults!

“Disney is a cult…you’d have to know the “Disney culture” they truly are run like a cult. Universal studios is the same…”

These kind of remarks are even more outrageous because the Totally Fun Company she works for is in the business of theme parks.

And what do Greenway’s “friends” say about her in the same chat room when she is not present?

Kady O’Mally: “I believe that [Greenway] has been involved in stoking the fires.”

Rob Clark: “[Greenway] is doing, imo, a lot of shit-stirring and putting other people up to fighting her fights.”

Mark Bunker: “I was appalled when I was working on a stunt show for TFC [Totally Fun Company] and watched as she [Greenway] ordered one of her employees to pay for a broken window in the sound booth.”

Rob Clark: “Well you have [Greenway] buying a porsche with the money. … and then after taking million’s of bob’s money for no product, [Greenway] goes around trashing bob through manipulated fools… I think she is egotistical and gets in personality conflicts.”

Arnie Lerma: “Perhaps, realizing how badly they ripped off bob [Greenway] seeks to alienate ex-members so we wont be enthusiastically supportive… and we get blamed for the profit’s crash and burn… Re Totally Fun Company… folks let me know whats going on… I heard about the accusation … by [Greenway]… and I didn’t act cause none of it was ‘public’… Id been waiting for an excuse for a while to get her off this channel.”

The above information is just the tip of the iceberg regarding information Greenway has put out in open chat groups. With the thousands of chat logs being provided to Religious Freedom Watch (which are still being analyzed) only time will tell how encompassing Patricia Greenway’s network is.

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