Who is this "reliable source" exploiting the Chronicle?

Court documents in litigation involving Pamela Lichtenwalner show several people in Stinson Beach are very upset over Lichtenwalner’s false accusations:

“I understand that Pamela Lichtenwalner has accused [deleted] of ‘drinking again and sometime in the past that Mr. [deleted] physically abused me’. There is absolutely no truth to either these allegations.”

“During the time I lived in Stinson and was a member of the Volunteer Fire Department, Pamela Lichtenwalner accused me of ‘injected her with drugs’. These charges were investigated by the appropriate officials in Marin County and determined to be absolutely without foundation.”

“Pamela Lichtenwalner accused me, in front of four other community members, of having ‘harassed her’ in the past to the point that she was required to call the Marin County Sheriff’s Department on two occasions to seek their intervention to ‘talk to me’. … The statements made by Ms. Lichtenwalner in a public meeting were so outrageous to the point of requiring me to contact Lt. [deleted], of the Marin County Sheriff’s Department to respond to these accusations. He advised that at no time had the Marin County Sheriff’s Department received any complaints from Ms. Lichtenwalner.”

“Several years ago Pam Lichtenwalner filed a Temporary Restraining Order against me in the Marin County Superior Court which accused me of ‘stalking’ her, that I had tried to run her off the road and had verbally threatened her. … The allegations were totally without truth and malicious. The filing of the request for TRO caused me great concern and expense in responding and appearing for a hearing on the motion. After a court hearing the court ruled in my favor.”

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