Suppressing Freedom of Speech and Silencing her Critics

The Religious Freedom Watch page concerning extremist Pamela Lichtenwalner documents her history of making false accusations against those she disagrees with — from family members to neighbors to those who would help children by advising them to avoid drugs. Recently Lichtenwalner levied yet another specious accusation, this time against Religious Freedom Watch itself. In an attempt to suppress the truth about herself, and deny this journal its rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, Lichtenwalner falsely accused Religious Freedom Watch of posting sealed court documents to this site – documents which further verify Lichtenwalner’s questionable character and personal behavior.

Apparently angered and embarrassed at having been exposed for what she is, Lichtenwalner set out to have the document removed from this website by soliciting the “assistance” of the Health and Human Services Agency of Napa County, the organization that originally produced the document in question. In a letter to our ISP, the Acting Director of this agency claimed that the document was a “confidential county document” which contains information concerning a “then-minor” and that disclosure of this type of document, without parental permission, is prohibited under state law.

The Acting Director’s letter claimed that RFW:

“misstates that the document is a court record.”

In truth, the document in question has been on file in Sonoma County Superior Court as a public document for sixteen years. It was filed in 1988 as a Supplemental Attachment to a Declaration of Respondent by the attorney representing Lichtenwalner’s ex-husband. The document was not filed under seal and Lichtenwalner made no attempt to have the document sealed, even though the file shows clearly that she knew the document had been made part of the public record.

Apparently Pamela Lichtenwalner did not apprise Napa’s Health and Human Services Agency of these facts when she solicited the aforementioned letter to our ISP. Instead, in her rush to cover-up her relationship with her family, Lichtenwalner appears to have resorted to the kind of half-truths characteristic of anti-religious extremists who know that the only hope they have of being believed is to suppress our freedom of speech.

Lichtenwalner’s assault to our First Amendment right to free speech and free press is being investigated by Religious Freedom Watch and we are officially requesting any and all information, documentation you have regarding Lichtenwalner. If you wish to remain anonymous you can do so. Send your information to

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