Court and Public record documents

Several court and public record documents have been received by Religious Freedom Watch. These documents will be made available as they get processed.

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January 10, 1984

Dear Sir:

On Sept. 3, 1983, I, Katherine Watson, was asked to enter house on 2228 First Avenue, with Carol R. Grossi and Heather L. Watson.

I was very shocked at what I saw. First of all the screen on the patio door was torn to shreds, a burnt stereo was sitting on the front porch, and the numbers on the house were missing.

As I walked through the house I noticed a very strong odor. In the bedroom and other rooms there was cat “poop” on the carpet in the corners and walls, it was very sickening. I also saw rabbit droppings through out the house. Also the grass cloth on the walls was torn in several places.

In the kitchen there were burnt marks on the floor and the Vinyl floor finish was coming off in places, the stove had at least 1 inch of grease on the surface, and the oven was filthy (you couldn’t see through the glass on the door). The refrigerator was a mess, old food was still in it and it smelled rotten and dirty. The kitchen cupboards were full of debris and dirty.

The drapes in the bedroom had been removed and thrown in the corner. The travis rods were pulled from the wall. The thermostat was lying on the floor and a towel rack was off in the bathroom. The toilet was filthy, and there were huge cobwebs through out the house.

I took a walk outside and it was a mess, garbage all over the place. The fence had broken boards, the metal shed was full of garbage and junk. The landscaping was a disaster.

This was very shocking, as I had seen the premises prior to the time Mrs. Lichtenwalner lived there. And at that time the place was in immaculate condition. A show place in fact.

Carol Grossi, in my opinion has always taken pride in keeping her rentals in immaculate condition. And she is always working on them to keep them that way, she was very distressed with the way Mrs. Lichtenwalner had left the place.


Katherine L. Watson

(Notarized on the 12th of January 1984)

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