Abusive behavior

“One Thursday night during the middle of June 2004, at about 8:15 PM, I was standing behind the two tables talking to a group of approximately six to eight persons. There were numerous other persons walking and shopping in the vicinity. … I observed a white woman, who appeared to be about sixty years of age, suddenly shove her way between two of the people to whom I was talking. … The woman began rudely yelling at me in a very loud voice. She was very disruptive. She yelled, “I was the person that got you guys written up in the newspaper and got you guys kicked out of the school! I’m taking you down! And I’m a teacher.” She then turned and quickly walked away. … I was recently shown a color photograph of a woman whom I recognize as the same woman who yelled and disrupted the booth, as described above. I was told that her name is Pamela Lichtenwalner.”

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