Pamela Lichtenwalner

Pamela Lichtenwalner is a school teacher from Stinson Beach, California. Documentation received by Religious Freedom Watch shows that Pamela Lichtenwalner is the “mysterious” teacher behind the recent series of articles on Narconon by San Francisco Chronicle reporter Nanette Asimov.

With no apparent reason, she has embarked on a one-woman crusade against Scientology and the secular programs utilizing L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries.

Ms. Lichtenwalner is an example of how an uninformed and apparently malicious individual can be influenced by the hate propaganda of the extremists and false experts exposed on this web site. A brief review of her history reveals an individual who was ripe for such influence and that Scientologists are not the first group she has obsessively gone after.

Other people in similar positions have realized that they are being lied to and have recanted We can expect the same result once Ms. Lichtenwalner opens her eyes. Meanwhile, on the following pages is Ms. Lichtenwalner’s story.

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