Mike Krotz PI

In 1991 Mike Krotz was arrested by the Gulfport Police Department, FL. The Gulfport Police records concerning this arrest are sketchy at best. They list the badge number for the arresting officer and that of the backup officer that was called during this incident. The complainant was listed as “unk/F” which could possibly mean “unknown female”. This was the only information available to the Gulfport Police Department, we don’t know what happened with it.

Mike Krotz is licensed by the state of Florida as a private investigator, which raises some questions:

[imgleft]http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.org/extremists/images/krotzmug01.jpg[/imgleft]Is it legal for a licensed Florida private investigator to whip someone who is chained to a toilet with a weed whacker?

Does a Florida private investigator who is licensed with the state have an obligation to at least try and extinguish someone who has been accidentally set on fire?

How good of a private investigator is Mike Krotz?

These are all legitimate questions and the first two would probably have to be answered by the Florida Division of Licensing.

The above questions can be answered by Krotz’s puppeteer, Patricia Greenway who frequently uses Krotz’s services to harass the Church. She is behind numerous attempts to generate negative media for the Church and has constantly harassed the Church in Tampa while getting Krotz to do the same.[imgright]http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.org/extremists/images/krotzmug02.jpg[/imgright]

Regarding the last question, Krotz thinks of himself as a great investigator. He has communicated freely on the best times to “steal garbage”, where he states:

“As a PI, my preferred time to steal garbage or do similar intelligence would be in the am to am window… I have grabbed garbage in broad daylight, it is amazing how invisible one can be when you look like you know what you are doing.”

However, court documents obtained regarding one of his “investigations” show otherwise.

Court documents show that in 1993 Mike Krotz was sued by a pedestrian who Krotz hit with a car. Krotz was working as a PI at the time and was conducting surveillance on said pedestrian. When the pedestrian started to walk towards Krotz, he struck the pedestrian with his vehicle. According to basic information on surveillance procedures, running over the person you’re supposed to be following is not an orthodox surveillance method. Krotz and his employer settled the case before it went to trial.

If Mike Krotz is considered “qualified” to be a licensed private investigator in the state of Florida, what would someone have to do to NOT be qualified?

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