Mike Krotz

Mike Krotz is Patricia Greenway’s favorite dupe. While it is known that Krotz is an anti-religious extremist, you must ask yourself why is Greenway exercising so much influence on this man? Based on Krotz’s actions, we speculate that he would be perfectly at home in a cabal of neo-nazis spewing their venom about minority religions or out in the woods in a mobile home with a group of KKK members plotting nefarious, racially motivated crimes. The above-mentioned description is not overstated, please read on.

The Show Must Go On

Krotz likes to consider himself a musician. What type of music is he involved in? Jazz, Rock, Country, Classical or Heavy Metal? No. The type of “music” he “plays” has been described by him as “Satan Metal”, which is more known for its outrageous on stage performances (which can regularly include live rats, skinned calves and toilets) than it is for any type of musical skill. Lets now examine a band that Mike Krotz has played for and what they believe in.

Hell on Earth

Krotz has communicated about his stage performances with one band known as “Hell on Earth”. During one show, while playing keyboard someone was accidentally lit on fire during the show. Mike’s response to this was:

“… I was playing my part, the guy got set on fire too soon, he was bouncing around and off of my keyboard … I kept playing, the show must go on ya know.”

How many people do you know would not only refuse to assist someone who was on fire and obviously in extreme pain but would then joke about it later? Hell on Earth gained nationwide “notoriety” in the past year with the claim that during one of their shows a terminally ill person would commit suicide. The insanity of this act attracted local and national media, which gave Krotz and the members of Hell on Earth fifteen minutes of fame.

Krotz was supportive of the band’s planned “show”, and here is what he had to say:

“I give props to the band leader billY for the most free PR a band has had in I don’t know how long.”

Hell on Earth has tried since then to capitalize on their past “notoriety” by trying to publicize a “consensual cannibalism” skit where they claimed to have video of someone eating human flesh. However, the media seems to have tired of these manufactured events. Hell on Earth has earned a reputation in the Tampa Bay area for other stunts performed during their shows. Mike Krotz once whipped an onstage torture victim with a bungee cord attached to a weed eater, while the victim was handcuffed to a toilet and wrapped in Saran wrap. There were also instances of a dead, skinned calf being sodomized during the band’s shows.

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