Mark Fisher

image Mark Fisher is an apostate who appears to have abandoned his religion due to an inability to live up to any kind of moral or ethical code. Fisher also supports the cyber hate group, Anonymous. Anonymous has been the subject of numerous investigations for engaging in hate crimes targeting the religion, its leaders, members and Churches through death and bomb threats and arson threats as well as engaging in serious cyber-crimes designed to disrupt and damage the Church. Most recently, an Anonymous member in New Jersey was sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison and ordered to pay $37,500 in restitution to the Church for his part in an attempt to destroy the Church’s website.

Fisher has sexual obsessions so severe that they appear to have cost him his savings and his livelihood as a mortgage broker.

Fisher apparently considers himself so unattractive that he found it necessary to squander his money on "sex trips" to Thailand, paying questionably-young bar girls to please him in ways he was unable to find at home in the U.S.

Fisher became so fixated that he established a (now defunct) website,, where he boasted of his escapades. Below is a sampling of the kind of advice Fisher offered to other desperate sex-seekers:

"I here also is a bar called the -Kangaroo Bar. I his may sound like an Australian bar where you can get a cold beer, but trust me, the main attraction is the girls giving the men oral sex under their bar stools out in the open! (I told you Thailand is wild!)

"Thailand Tip – Always practice safe sex in Thailand!

"Thailand Tip – Be careful of the "ladyboys" known as "katoeys". They look like some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen! Make sure you are with a real woman!

"The best part of the Safari (or any Go Go Bar) is the fact that you can take anyone of the girls home with you to your hotel for a night of fun! Unless you are rude and obnoxious, they will NEVER SAY NO!!!

"Choose your girl and then you will have to pay a "bar fine" of 500-600 baht ($14 – $17) to the bar in order to let the girl go home with you. This bar fine is supposed to compensate the bar for the lost income they would have gotten if the girl stayed and worked selling drinks

"Then it is off to your hotel or wherever you like Dancing? Drinking? Dinner? Whatever you like, but you always will end up at your hotel room, where she will do whatever you want in the bedroom. Be sure that you negotiate with the girl before you leave the bar to find out what she will do and also how much she will expect to be tipped.

"The going rate for a "short time" session (which is a few hours out on the town and in your hotel, but not sleeping over) is anywhere from 1,000 baht on the low end to 2,000 baht for a really superstar quality girl.
The going rate for a "long time" session (which is having the girl go out with you and spend the night in your hotel all night long) is between 2,000 baht on the low end to 3,500 baht on the high end.

"Remember, everything is negotiable! If you think the girl is asking too much, tell her you only have a little bit of money and offer it. She probably will take it.

"Then it is off to your night on the town. Remember when you take a girl out in Thailand, you are also expected to pay for everything – food, drinks, taxi’s etc. And it is also proper to give the girl an additional 100 baht for taxi fare when she heads home.

"Don’t forget. Always practice safe sex!! Most girls will demand that you wear a condom. Have your own with you. I have found that the Thai condoms are too small for Western men!! Bring your favorite brand from your home country. If you forget, buy some condoms at the pharmacies. The brand to get are Durex "Comfort". These are larger sized condoms and are safe.

"But in Thailand, the Land of Smiles, you spend $60 to $75 dollars and are guaranteed action at the end of the night! And it will be service with a smile!!"

Fisher now makes ends meet as a taxi driver. No longer financially able to feed his obsession with sex tours of Asia, he now makes do trawling internet sex sites such as

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