Henson's Expertise With Explosives

The following postings evidence the extent of Henson’s expertise and interest in explosives:

June 22, 1997
From: [name removed]
Re: Keith Henson

“Keith Henson, an explosives enthusiast since the early 1960’s, was describing to us last night at a Silicon Valley party just how accurate the instructions were in the transcripts of the McVeigh trial, as the experts pointed out the steps needed to make the liquid explosive ‘Astrolight’ (or ‘Astrolite’). Keith pointed out that most of the “lay” reports had repeated some of the usual lay errors about ammonium nitrate and fuel oil bombs, but that the full court transcript “got it right” on the conversion of the precursors to the more effective liquid form.”

July 9, 2000
From: Keith Henson

“If you are interested in large firecrackers, go ask how to make them in rec.pyrotechnics. Though, it is simple enough, cardboard tube, gunpowder, and fuse. You can make the tubes from rolled newspaper.”

The following quote about Keith Henson is drawn from the book “Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition; Science Slightly Over The Edge” by Ed Regis. Henson was featured in this book as an individual who indulges in fringe sciences. The author also documents the extent of Henson’s expertise with explosives.

“But he knew how to do it, of course, and so he took a two-hundred-pound lard can and put three pieces of primacord inside, looping them around so they completely covered the bottom. Then he poured the ammonium nitrate into the can, inserted sticks of dynamite all around the perimeter, and ran the primacord fuse up to a blasting cap on top of it all. The cap would fire the primacord, which in turn would set off the dynamite, which would crush the mass of ammonium nitrate until the necessary pressure was reached – a true implosion device, just like the atom bomb.” Pg.50

Click these pages from the book for further documentation:

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