Hate Threats on the Internet

Following are some samples of the threats Henson has made against the Church on an anti-religious newsgroup:

August 6, 1995

“That is why we are out to *break* the CoS [Church of Scientology].”

August 13 1995
In response to a posting in which an extremist wrote about Scientology

“…I will see it in ruins,”

Henson wrote:

“Ahh, I love the smell of gunpowder drifting on the morning breeze.
Keith Henson.”

August 14, 1995

“PS, And thanks for being a punching bag. We, of course, are in training for a considerably larger event, and CoS [Church of Scientology] makes a nice expendable sparing [sic] partner.”

April 20, 1997

“PPS Killing the organization off entirely is the best way to change the future of Scientology.”

August 8, 1998

“From where I stand, the spread of my legal shotgun takes in [name of Church member] *and* the [Church] lawyers.”

June 5, 2000
(IRC Chat Channel)

Henson: “heh. see my posting on the Mt. view picket? brent and I kicked ass …”
“I am going to [church location] some time thiss [sic] week for several dasy [sic] picket till they starve. …”
Henson: “… it is fairly safe but we don’t have too long to do it they are growing trees which will make the road invisible from inside.”
Lianna: “Keith: release some termites on their trees”
Henson: “agent orange lia”

July 4, 2000

“My only option to get back in the work force is to destroy scientology root and branch.”

July 7, 2000

“barb wrote: … GPS readings of Gold Base is a good start…”
“And a good topo map. The approach is clear from the south.
Keith Henson”

July 10, 2000

“Modern weapons are accurate to a matter of a few tens of yards. The terminal guidence [sic] ones are good to single digits (Keith Henson)”

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