Background Information

In 1982, as part of the divorce proceedings between Henson and then wife Carolyn Meinel, Carolyn filed a signed affidavit of her expenses that Henson needed to cover as part of his spousal support. Listed under medical expenses were:

“$6,000 since May 1981 includes [an] operation and four-day hospital stay [for one of his daughters]; … psychological counseling for [two of his daughters] as a result of father’s sexual molestation of them.”

Also in the case file was a note that Henson molested his two oldest daughters, at the time 12 and 13. Carolyn requested that Henson be jailed if he did not receive psychological counseling on the matter.

In 1987 Henson developed an interest in cryonics (the practice of freezing dead bodies in the belief that scientists will revive them sometime in the future). Henson, his wife and his two-year old daughter signed up with Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the organization that handles the freezing and storage of bodies or heads. Henson himself took part in the procedure of freezing people’s bodies.

In that same year, Henson founded the Far Edge Committee. The group’s sole purpose was to plan the “Far Edge Party”, a gathering of “downloaded multiple selves” (assuming one could make many copies of oneself and download them into space) that was to be held in the far-off future on the other side of the Milky Way.

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