Kathleen Pettycrew

Bruce & Kathleen Pettycrew have been harassing the Church of Scientology and its parishioners since 1997.

Bruce Pettycrew’s stated purpose for “picketing” the Church is “the destruction of the Church of Scientology”.

One of the things that the Pettycrews do is surveil the Church and its parishioners to see who goes in and out of the Church. They also count the number of cars that arrive or leave the Church parking lots. Bruce Pettycrew then goes on the Internet giving his account as to the number of Church members.

[imgleft]http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.org/extremists/images/pettycrewb02.jpg[/imgleft]These stalking activities are carried out by the Pettycrews under the guise of conducting a “picket.”

In 1998 Bruce Pettycrew was discovered yelling outside a Church of Scientology in an intentional effort to disturb religious services taking place inside. A temporary restraining order was issued by the Court on Pettycrew in September 1998 which required that he cease from making any type of noise around the Church that would disturb religious services.

Pettycrew has no respect for religious practice and refers to Scientologists as “Ronbots” which is a derogatory term that he and his friends use when they talk about Scientologists on the Internet.

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