Kady O'Malley

Kady O’Malley is a Canadian anti-religious extremist who has been part of a dedicated hate campaign against the Church of Scientology for many years. She is a regular member of an internet newsgroup where extremists Arnaldo Lerma, Keith Henson and others assail the Scientology religion and its members, and also frequents an underground IRC channel controlled by Arnaldo Lerma.

O’Malley’s attacks, however, are not confined to words. In March 1999, Kady O’Malley entered the United States with the purpose of harassing professionals working for the Church of Scientology. Together with her friend, Brian Murphy, O’Malley photographed these professional’s homes and vehicle license plates and posted them on the Internet, her intention being to discourage these people from working for the Church by disrupting their lives and upsetting their family members, friends and business associates.

This purposeful harassment and abuse of privacy was documented in a letter of complaint to O’Malley’s employer, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) concerned, as follows:

“I am writing with regards to [………] Kady O’Malley. Ms. O’Malley has a website on [………]. Last week, Ms. O’Malley posted to her website photographs of my home, that of my partner, and those of several other individuals.”

“Apparently, Ms. O’Malley came to Los Angeles in the week or so before that and took these photographs while she was here. As you will see on the first page of her [name deleted] photographs, Ms. O’Malley suggests that she intends to produce maps to direct others to these homes.”

“A few days prior to these photographs appearing on Ms. O’Malley’s website on [deleted] Services, an anonymous individual posted to the Internet considerable personal information concerning my partner and me, our spouses, and other family members. On page 1 of Ms. O’Malley’s website, you can see that she refers to that action by an “anonymous” accomplice of hers, obviously acknowledging her part in that act, and provides a link to that information.”

“The posting of this information to the Internet, including photographs of our homes, is of great concern. Ms. O’Malley is attacking us because we represent various Churches of Scientology, and she has decided that she dislikes the Scientology religion. Actions such as Ms. O’Malley’s foster hatred and violence in those who are so inclined, and while we do not know if Ms. O’Malley herself is prone to violence, her actions indicate that she is clearly engaged in harassment. Her postings may well incite others to violent acts.”

“This is no idle concern. Members of the Scientology religion have been subjected to such violence and harassment.”

“In 1996, someone posted my address to the Internet, and our home was robbed approximately 10 days later. I have personally been robbed, and my husband and I have had our ATM card numbers fraudulently used to the tune of over 40 transactions and nearly $6,000 in the last few months. I am regularly vilified on one of the more scurrilous USENET groups on the Internet, and subjected to unspeakable obscenities and other forms of name-calling. My partner, [name deleted], has experienced similar harassment. Websites and postings such as Ms. O’Malley’s literally place us and our families in great danger to person and property.”

“Ms. O’Malley represents herself as a writer for your newspaper, and as such, I believe you have an obligation in this regard. While I understand that you are not in charge of all the activities in which your writers are involved, I would hope that your paper does not approve of its employees harassing people or engaging in actions causing personal danger to others.”

Even though following this incident O’Malley changed her tactics and appeared to have “retired,” she remains active behind the scenes feeding misinformation to the network of extremists of which she is still very much a part.

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