Joseph Cisar

Joseph Cisar became active in the anti-religious extremist movement in 1997 when he suddenly began posting hate propaganda to an extremist newsgroup, making outrageous accusations against the Church and participating in hate marches in front of Church buildings.Cisar left Germany in the late 1950s when his father moved the family to the U.S. because he worked for an intelligence agency.

Cisar now attacks two prominent social betterment programs. These are Narconon, dedicated to rehabilitating drug addicts, and Criminon, which rehabilitates convicted criminals.

From his first postings to an anti-religious newsgroup, Cisar has been a strong supporter of the German government’s policies of discrimination against religious minorities – policies that have been decried by the U.S. State Department and the United Nations, as a violation of basic human rights.

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Cisar & Thomas Gandow in Leipzig, Germany

Joseph Cisar routinely translates hate propaganda circulated in German newspapers, magazines and TV shows, and posts it to English-speaking newsgroups. From the beginning he appears to have had a close association with Tilman Hausherr, an agent provocateur believed to be in the employ of the German government.

Cisar currently maintains two websites where this propaganda is also posted. These sites reveal extensive connections to Anti-Religious Movement groups in Europe. The violent deprogramming tactics of Steven Hassan are also promoted on the site, and he quotes radical sociologist Stephen Kent, whose anti-religious views have been severely criticized by colleagues and religious experts alike.

In 1999, Cisar’s anti-religious writings earned him a cash award of $20,000 US when he won an essay contest sponsored by an anti-religious hate group then based in Florida [the group has since disbanded]. The following spring he hosted a gathering in Leipzig, Germany, presenting the groups financial backer with an “award” for his anti-religious activities against the Church.

Thomas Gandow - Click to enlargeGandow in Leipzig with Cisar (Click to enlarge)

Cisar’s activities on the internet are unusual to the extent that he only posts to extremist newsgroups, and does not engage in discussions about world affairs or other religions as most newsgroup participants tend to do. If he cannot say something derogatory about the Scientology religion, he doesn’t post anything other than translations of German anti-religious propaganda. He seems obsessed with accusations of “totalitarianism” and Nazi tactics – which is, at the very least, ironic considering his participation in hate marches organized by Arnaldo Lerma who maintains close ties to anti-Semite and Holocaust revisionist, Willis Carto, as well as the Utopian Anarchist Party.

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