Sexual Predator on the Internet? (IRC Logs)

Log #1

According to IRC logs, an apparent spat between Anti-Religious Extremists Deana Holmes (Mirele) and Joe Lynn (Zinjifar) resulted in this exchange:

Session Start:  Fri Nov 12 19: 36: 49 1999

Mirele_: You know, Zinj, I’ll find those damned logs you had
Mirele_: and put them up
Mirele_: on channel
Mirele_: I want people to see what you were doing, you sicko
Zinjifar: do so mirele
Zinjifar: it’s called blackmail
Zinjifar: you just commited it
Mirele_: Zinj:  you don’t want this stuff on channel
Mirele_: unless you’re proud of the fact that you manipulated a 15 YO girl
Zinjifar: you and Xine want my silence
Zinjifar: it won’t happen
Zinjifar: it’s blackmail
Log #2

The excerpt below indicates an attempt by Lynn’s fellow extremists to cover-up his alleged involvement with the 15 year-old, apparently to avoid drawing the attention of law enforcement to their anti-religious activities.

Session Start:  Mon Sep 27 17: 45: 54 1999
[17: 50] Buk: elisabeth told me that Zinjifar wants to meet with her now during her xmas-vacation
[17: 50] XineAnn: It is important because Zin can put other people at risk who live with him, Buk.
[17: 50] Buk: Elisabeth is visiting a friend in Dallas
[17: 50] Buk: and she said that zin is relatively nearby
[17: 50] * Buk has no idea if this is true or not
[17: 50] use: when?
[17: 50] Buk: Xmas-vacation
[17: 51] use: I’ll ask him about it : )
[17: 51] Buk: zinjifar also still tells her that he is in love with her, according to her
[17: 51] Buk: he did so in his last chat with her
[17: 52] use: is she confiding with you Buk
[17: 52] Buk: btw:  I did tell Elisabeth that I will not keep this to myself…..I usually don’t do this, but this is somewhat too much…

… [17: 57] Buk: right, elisabeth is very weak. She is wax under someone’s hands.
[17: 57] use: yep
[17: 57] Buk: you can almost feel her insecurity
[17: 58] Buk: which makes me even more mad at Zin btw for exploiting that
[17: 58] use: The problem is if nothing happens immediately it still becomes a potential threat
[17: 58] * Buk *always* keeps in mind when chatting with elisabeth that she might get mad at all of us tomorrow and give wgert or simon
[17: 58] Buk: logs
[17: 58] use: yep
[17: 59] * XineAnn thinks she is a security risk to the channel
[17: 59] use: Zinj also keeps logs : (
[17: 59] XineAnn: but no worse than Erin
[17: 59] Buk: well, she is 16 in two months…would that help in the legal sense at least, if still not for the moral sense?
[17: 59] use: no
[17: 59] use: 18 in Texas
[17: 59] use: I believe
[17: 59] Buk: well, Zin can definitely NOT meet Elisabeth in real life.
Log #3

In the following log, Joe Lynn (zinjifar) consults Grady Ward on how to avoid incriminating himself during an interview with the FBI.

Session Start:  Mon Dec 20 20: 03: 03 1999
[20: 03] Zinjifar: hi grady
[20: 03] Zinjifar: I just got a call from the FBI a little earlier… and wondered if you had any suggestions
[20: 03] GradyWard: what did they call about?
[20: 03] Zinjifar: won’t say of course 😉
[20: 04] GradyWard: they must of given a reason fro calling you
[20: 04] Zinjifar: I can guess.. but agreed to meet the guy tomorrow
[20: 04] Zinjifar: nope
[20: 04] GradyWard: WHAT????
[20: 04] GradyWard: no way!  RULE NUMBER 1
[20: 04] Zinjifar: well… I’m not planning on talking much
[20: 04] GradyWard: Be friendly but NEVER talk to an aqent EVER
[20: 04] Zinjifar: but I’d like to see if he says anything
[20: 05] Zinjifar: mm
[20: 05] Zinjifar: I agree.. but I do want to see what he’s about
[20: 05] GradyWard: I’ve been “interviewed” twice by FBI both times were nuts
[20: 05] Zinjifar: yah
[20: 05] Zinjifar: this is in a dairy queen
[20: 05] Zinjifar: and I’m interested in what they want to ask
[20: 06] GradyWard: OK, but remember — (1) they can lie to you without any penalty and (2) if you lie to them, you are guilty of a fderal crime
[20: 06] Zinjifar: yah
[20: 06] GradyWard: despite the fact you are not under oath
[20: 06] Zinjifar: I’m not planning on saying anything
[20: 06] GradyWard: how do you know he is an agent
[20: 06] Zinjifar: but am planning on recording
[20: 06] Zinjifar: he called alan… who called me to warn me
[20: 06] Zinjifar: and then he immediately called me
[20: 06] GradyWard: yes, because he may say you admitted something later
[20: 07] Zinjifar: yes
[20: 07] GradyWard: who is alan
[20: 07] Zinjifar: my trust isn’t really high
[20: 07] Zinjifar: walter
[20: 07] Zinjifar: use
[20: 07] Zinjifar: who I work for
[20: 07] GradyWard: ok, but did you get an office number that you can call back?
[20: 07] Zinjifar: and I know he’s an agent because I got his phone number
[20: 07] Zinjifar: and checked it in the phone book first
[20: 07] Zinjifar: and then called him back
[20: 08] GradyWard: you gotta check it out
[20: 08] Zinjifar: did already
[20: 08] GradyWard: ok  and so he says that he “just wants to talk with you”
[20: 08] Zinjifar: well… so far… I want to get your side
[20: 08] Zinjifar: and I told him I’m not likely to talk to him
[20: 08] GradyWard: you are a target of an investigation
[20: 08] Zinjifar: but I’m willing to listen
[20: 08] Zinjifar: sure
[20: 09] Zinjifar: if I don’t like where it’s going I’ll suggest he call my attorney : )
[20: 09] Zinjifar: who is graham..
[20: 09] Zinjifar: I don’t know what kind… but very possibly about elissa
[20: 09] GradyWard: remember since you are not under arrest (yet) he does NOT have to mirandize you
[20: 09] Zinjifar: course not
[20: 10] GradyWard: what is elissa
[20: 10] Zinjifar: although… I’ve been being asked a lot about bob by wgert in the past week
[20: 10] Zinjifar: elysabeth/cbear
[20: 10] GradyWard: possibly, remember the Mann Act
[20: 10] Zinjifar: yah
[20: 11] Zinjifar: I’m not going to speculate right now
[20: 11] GradyWard: any commincation with any party in any kind of furtherance of a scheme to have sex with a minor is a federal law
[20: 11] Zinjifar: but it’s why I want to find out what he’s fishing for
[20: 11] GradyWard: violation if you used the mails,  the wires (internet) or was going to cross a state line
[20: 11] Zinjifar: and that *may* be what they’re after
[20: 12] Zinjifar: it’s actually the most likely thing
[20: 12] GradyWard: remember they will try tricks, for example, they will say that if you cooperate you will get off or a lighter sentence (a lie)
[20: 12] Zinjifar: I’m not planning on admitting to anything
[20: 12] GradyWard: or that if you call a lawyer or refuse to speak that you are acting guilty (a lie)
[20: 12] Zinjifar: it’s their job to do what they want
[20: 13] GradyWard: you may not plan to admit anything but almost anything can become an admission.
[20: 13] Zinjifar: sure
[20: 13] GradyWard: For example, “did you ever ask cbear for sex?”
[20: 13] Zinjifar: of course
[20: 13] Zinjifar: for the purposes here I don’t know a thing
[20: 13] GradyWard: When you say “Never” he then says that was an admission that you *know* cbear
[20: 13] Zinjifar: yah
[20: 14] Zinjifar: good… you’re making me even more paranoid… which I appreciate
[20: 14] GradyWard: they are very clever and experienced at doing this shit
[20: 14] Zinjifar: no shit
[20: 14] Zinjifar: but i do plan to let him get his questions out
[20: 15] GradyWard: and don’t kid yourself, *you* are probably a target
[20: 15] Zinjifar: of the FBI? probably
[20: 15] Zinjifar: alan is the actual target for OSA.. who I assume started it
[20: 15] GradyWard: finally, don’t believe them when they say they know you are guilty  and have enough evidence to convict right now
[20: 15] Zinjifar: although they’ll take me too
[20: 15] GradyWard: if they did they would not be talking to you
[20: 15] GradyWard: most people convict themselves
[20: 15] Zinjifar: sure
[20: 16] GradyWard: OK, well you have been warned. It is hard to anticipate the tricks they will pull, the mutt and jeff
[20: 16] Zinjifar: I’m not planning on saying anything regarding anything about any person
[20: 16] Zinjifar: yah
[20: 16] Zinjifar: well.. if I don’t like it I’ll leave
[20: 17] Zinjifar: and say call my lawyer
[20: 17] GradyWard: Don’t worry, they will ferret out information whether you want to give it or not
[20: 17] Zinjifar: fine
[20: 17] Zinjifar: there’s nothing secret anymore
[20: 17] GradyWard: Remember if you lie, you can go to jail for 3-5 years
[20: 17] GradyWard: it is much better to say aboslutely nothing
[20: 17] Zinjifar: good thing to remember
[20: 18] GradyWard: and *they* lie all the time. It isn’t illegal for them
[20: 18] Zinjifar: well.. I’m interested in seeing if this *is* the direction of their probe
[20: 18] Zinjifar: and that’s about it
[20: 18] Zinjifar: and I don’t plan to ask about it
[20: 18] GradyWard: OK, thanks for telling me, let get the recording onto Realaudio or MP3
[20: 18] Zinjifar: well… I’ll take the tape recorder
[20: 19] GradyWard: putting shit like than on the net tends to embarass the assholes
[20: 19] Zinjifar: I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided not to play when I ask him
[20: 19] GradyWard: you GOT to because they could say you told them you raped cbear or something
[20: 19] Zinjifar: not possible
[20: 20] Zinjifar: we were never nearer than 1400 miles away
[20: 20] GradyWard: OK, it will be educational I’m sure : -)
[20: 20] Zinjifar: yah
[20: 20] Zinjifar: life remains interesting
[20: 20] Zinjifar: last xmas it was that I was a big drug dealer : )
[20: 20] GradyWard: doesn’t matter if you took *any* step which could be construed as leading to a violation of law
[20: 20] GradyWard: : -)
[20: 20] Zinjifar: yah… they may go for that
[20: 20] Zinjifar: we’ll see what he has to say

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