Violence Against Parishioners

Jesse Prince - Arrested in 2000 for Marijuana Cultivation
From an arrest in 2000

More recently, Prince was paid $5,000 a month for his anti-Scientology activities. This includes participating in hate “pickets” at various Church buildings where on several occasions he has appeared drunk and shouted epithets and religious slurs at local staff and parishioners.

On September 10, 1998, Prince and an accomplice appeared outside the Church of Scientology of Boston and disturbed the peace with their shouted slurs. A Church staff member attempted to persuade them to halt their actions but was assaulted by Prince’s accomplice with a wooden pole.

The accomplice was arrested by the police, and the subsequent legal proceedings led to him agreeing to provide advanced notice to the Church of any planned demonstrations so that the Church could alert law enforcement. Prince was listed as a co-suspect on the police incident report.

On another occasion in September, 1998, Prince and the same accomplice brandished axes and stones and shouted threats at parishioners. Not only was a Scientologist’s car damaged, but Prince then boasted over the Internet that he had “slapped the dog-s–t out of” one of the Scientologists.

The evidence is unequivocal, and indeed overwhelming, that Prince’s sole purpose is to make a lucrative practice out of inventing falsehoods and either collecting payment from anti-religious extremists or extracting money from the Church itself. In either plan, his only hope for success lies in the gullibility of some media or their lack of interest in the truth.

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