Jesse Prince

In 1998 Jesse Prince was hired by an anti-religious extremist to attack the Church of Scientology. His motivation appears to be entirely financial. When Prince is paid to make critical, harmful remarks about Scientology, Prince obliges. However, when Prince was not speaking for hire, and thus has no motivation to be anything but genuine, he was unfailingly complimentary of Scientology and supportive of the religion that saved him, albeit briefly, from a life of drugs and crime.This is proven as follows: In 1992 and 1994, just prior to ending his employment with the Church of Scientology and again, two years later, Prince gave two voluntary recorded interviews to assist Church attorneys in defending the Church against an attack.

During these interviews he chatted freely about his experiences in Scientology and how it changed his life for the better. The following chronology is supported by verbatim quotes from those interviews.

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