The Jacobsen Family Limited Partnership

According to Jeff Jacobsen he is a small business manager in a family business that includes a singles newspaper, TV ventures, and a video store. Jacobsen also states that he manages his father, Harlan Jacobsen, affairs in Phoenix and the computer systems for his father business in South Dakota.

This section of the web site is dedicated to providing public and court records concerning Harlan Jacobsen and the Jacobsen Family Limited Partnership.

Let’s begin with a 1997 report of the Department of Revenue concerning the business Jacobsen manages:

“State v. Jacobsen, S.Ct. No. 20099.
Harlan Jacobsen is the owner and publisher of Solo R.F.D., a monthly singles publication. Jacobsen failed to file returns or pay sales tax for the sale of Solo R.F.D publications. Consequently, the Secretary of Revenue revoked the license. Jacobsen intentionally continued to sell Solo R.F.D. publications in South Dakota. In March, 1997, a jury found him guilty of operating as a retailer after his sales tax license had been revoked, a class 6 felony.”

The relevant documents can be found here: Tax Documents.

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