Camburn's Internet Activities

Ida Camburn actively participates in an “Internet Relay Chat” (IRC) group frequented by those dedicated to vilifying members and religious practices of the Church. She uses the identity “wasmom.” Although one of these “chat channels” is open by invitation only, one of their members decided to post several of the logs of their discussions on the Internet in August 2000. Towards the end of a discussion on 13 June 2000, in which Camburn, Henson and Lerma participated, Camburn said that she wanted to set up her own Church so that she could:

“kick ass, lie cheat crap on anyone’s person rights (sic) and smile and get away with it.”

Camburn stated that she only needed five board members and three neighbors had already agreed.

This is the woman who is credited with destroying her son’s first marriage, sought to divide him from his children, and now spends most of her time consorting with convicted criminals and hate-mongers.

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