What his 'friends' think of him

The following is what Gerry Armstrong’s ‘friends’ think of him:

Rob Clark: “Gerry Armstrong flat-out walked off [from the Church of Scientology] with a bunch of stuff when he left….what Armstrong did would otherwise have been theft….I’m disgusted with warrior [Mark Plummer]. I was not particularly pleased when he signed off on that c—sucker Armstrong smearing me with his dumbass… page. …Armstrong is totally kooking out”

Rob Clark: “…you want to see the new nuttiest Gerry Armstrong hate page ever? The animated kicking is supposed to signify Armstrong jerking as the electroshock hits. Any time anyone else suggests that maybe this is kooky, they get a new wing added to the Armstrong hate gallery just for them. I didn’t realize Armstrong was more than mildly kooky until recently.

Paul Rubin: “I used to hang out with Armstrong a fair amount. He had a zealot and maybe paranoid streak but wasn’t whacko like this.”

Rob Clark: “Where anyone who disagrees with Armstrong’s continuing lunatic rampage gets added. If they really disagree with his lunacy, they get their own whole section as an “op” with wacky animated gifs.”


Rob Clark: “Gerry Armstrong accused her [Katherine Harris] of being Aldrich Ames.”

Stephen Sheehan: “He said this, in seriousness.”

[Name Deleted]: “He [Gerry Armstrong] is a complete idiot.”

Rob Clark: “He’s a vicious psycho is what he is.”

[Name Deleted]: “He doesn’t actually believe that, does he?

Rob Clark: “If he does believe it, he’s insane and if he doesn’t, he is deliberately libeling someone just because they disagree with his loony bullshit.”

Stephen Sheehan: “Stupid Gerry Armstrong.”

Scott Pilutik: “Martin Ottmann got his own wing in the Gerry kook-o-fame.”

Deana Holmes: “God Gerry’s a nutball.”

Scott Pilutik: “It’s ok, it’s for legal reasons the expected insanity defense.”

[Name Deleted]: “Gerry nuts = prominent critic, ergo, all critics are nuts. This is kinda serious, albeit a tad farfetched.”

Ed Hammerstrom: “Hiya ef [Elizabeth Fisher]”

[Name Deleted]: “Are you too a fan of Gerry’s osa pages?”

Ed Hammerstrom: “Not really.”

[Name Deleted]: “It gets worse and worse he now added Martin Ottmann.”

Scott Pilutik: “Martin gets his own dedicated page. It’s not quite as telling as Arnie’s subdirectories. He makes a new one each time it seems, each less descriptive and more useless as the last. He [Gerry Armstrong] never used to be this kooky. He always had a sort of Jebus complex but it never quite germinated into the messiahdom it is now.”

[Name Deleted]: “No. he always had the messiahdom but now, it seems, it is being encouraged. I mean, someone makes those pages for him I presume, Caroline [Letkeman].”

Scott Pilutik: “No idea how the dynamics of that relationship work, but I think it’s safe to say she’s [Caroline Letkeman] encouraging some seriously kooky behavior or pushing for it.”

[Name Deleted]: “Yes, that is what I see too….She [Letkeman] really is so foolish as to believe all his [Armstrong] delusions?”

Kady O’Malley: “She’s [Letkeman] obsessed with occult links.”

[Name Deleted]: “…she [Letkeman] appeared in Chilliwack, where he [Armstrong] was residing.”

Kady O’Malley: “The one interesting tidbit I note about Caroline is that until late 2001 possibly 2002 she had a listed online webpage. After she had become a visible critic under her own name.”

[Name Deleted]: “His [Armstrong] insanity is getting worse and she [Letkeman] must be encouraging it.”

Kady O’Malley: “…the thing is, you read Gerry from 1997, 1998 it’s like a different person.”

Ed Hammerstrom: “He [Armstrong] definitely is going crazy, seems to me. I think he has had alcohol problems in the past.”

Kady O’Malley: “Ed, if you were his girlfriend, wouldn’t you be doing something other that (sic) encourage him in this? I mean, I find it bizarre that she’d not only not be trying to wind him down but actively instigating.”

Elizabeth Disher: “He’s [Armstrong] always been totally paranoid.”

Ed Hammerstrom: “I have to conclude they are both in a crazy self-destructive path.”

Rob Clark: “Loonboy [Armstrong] has declared Martin Ottmann an osa op??

What a f—ing NUTCASE that is just unf—ingbelievable….I think she [Lekteman] is just yet another wigout who was only marginally sane because of the relative discipline of the cult and now, released of this, is totally batshit along with her totally batshit Gerry. Sorry, anyone who thinks Martin Ottmann is an osa op has fried their f—ing brain and needs to be under observation in a locked ward.”

Kady O’Malley: “We’re all agreed on Gerry being insane. Don’t tell warrior [Mark Plummer].”

[Name Deleted]: “Gerry really really wanted someone to web stuff for him but at the time, it was his hokey no money “philosophy” pages.”

Kady O’Malley: “…they’re [Armstrong and Letkeman] both just going mutually crazy, symbiotic psychosis.”

Rob Clark: “…marginally nutty critics would sure explain a couple things, like Arnie. Heather drove Bunker insane, their relationship was completely platonic.”

[Name Deleted]: “He [Armstrong] is getting worse.”

Rob Clark: “I don’t think he [Armstrong] went crazy that fast I think it is just only recently that he has been called on his bullshit by a lot of people.”

Kady O’Malley: “Well, the first time I noticed it was in 2001ish that’s relatively quick he probably would have kooked out insanely in 1998 if he had been called on the carpet on some thing. You might be right.”

Rob Clark: “He [Armstrong] was crazy a couple years ago re CL….In fact, the MOMENT CL started questioning his versions of event, he just went nuts….When you’re accusing Martin Ottmann of being OSA you’re completely in cloud cuckoo land. Martin Ottmann could very easily sue him for libel and win in Germany these are very nearly summary proceedings. Martin could file a libel action claiming these accusations are libelous and false and Gerry would either have to prove them or get fined. You know when he [Gerry Armstrong] went crazy with me? When I posted the transcript section detailing his money laundering. Seems he viciously attacks anyone who has anything that might tend to discredit his bullshit image as some saint instead of the shiftless, sponging kook he actually is.”

Ed Hammerstrom: “Gerry has a heavy alcohol problem….He was building an artwork of his empty booze bottles in a field in BC.”

Rob Clark: “Although this freakish paranoia is like speed or coke paranoia that or he smokes way too much dope….It’s also possible Gerry has never had a huge website before in which his lunacy could sprawl out without limit and that Caroline is merely an amanuensis to Gerry’s insanity.”

[Name Deleted]: “Is Gandow supporting him [Armstrong]?”

Kady O’Malley: “Morally or financially?”

[Name Deleted]: “Financially.”

Kady O’Malley: “Gandow has been mighty silent of late.”

[Name Deleted]: “Well if Gandow is getting money…or anybody, it may be an issue because he gets government money I believe he or his church.”

[Name Deleted]: “Gandow may just be realizing that Gerry is nuts, is all he’s a bit naive, Gandow.

[Name Deleted]: “Gandow is pretty vile himself.”

Robert Clark: “He’s despicable, god, talk about an insane asylum: Truth Seeker, Magoo, Warrior, Zinj, Fredric Rice.”

Ed Hammerstrom: “…off and quiet.”

Rob Clark: “yah, if you don’t, you end up like Gerry is lately. He has now just declared Martin Ottmann an OSA op for no sane reason. He’s totally gone off the deep end.”

Stephen Sheehan: “He’s [Armstrong] saying everyone and their grandparents are OSA.”

Rob Clark: “I ended up having warrior [Mark Plummer] repost old…shit on me because I pointed out that Gerry got fooled by a blatantly forged email. Anyway, this is the sort of stuff that can’t appear sane to a casual onlooker which is why, IMO, ars [hate newsgroup] is bad for mental health. I am more and more seeing it [ars] as a data dump than as a place where there are actual human beings who can be communicated with in a sane manner.”

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