Gary Morehead

image Gary Morehead, once a "simple security guard", as he put it, for the Church of Scientology, has recently made statements to the press regarding his former religion and his tenure within Scientology’s religious order known as The Sea Organization. Religious Freedom Watch presents the following information in rebuttal.

This information is drawn from public apologies and statements Morehead made concerning actions he took while in the employ of the Church – statements he made when he was not trying to garner sensational headlines attacking his former religion. Since we expect false accusations to be made about the source of this material, Religious Freedom Watch is assured that nothing contained here came from any confidential confessional material. All of the following statements were made freely by Morehead to his peers in order to inform them of what he had done.

What follows is Gary Morehead, in his own words:

"Although Sea Org members are required to maintain very high ethical standards, I have consistently failed to do so…. I have repeatedly attempted to make myself look better by making false reports to my supervisors and fellow staff regarding the quantity and the quality of my work…. I have stolen jewelry and other items that did not belong to me….I also stole a motorcycle part from another staff member…I took a valuable diamond ring that had been found and turned into security for safekeeping…I used it to pay for the repair of a car I had damaged…I had been informed that the ring had a value of $5,000 to $8,000, I used it to settle a repair bill for $2,000…."

"I have repeatedly attempted to make myself look better by making false reports to my supervisors and fellow staff regarding the quantity and the quality of my work…."

"I have, during my time on staff, consistently been lazy, sleeping or playing games when I was supposed to be working or studying…."

"….Such misconduct is a serious breach of the commitment I made upon joining the Sea Org and the trust that was place in me. I regard none of the forgoing as petty or excusable. Telling lies, stealing property and failing to meet my responsibilities are not the acts of an ethical person…."

"In all of my dealings with the Church, and my time in the Sea Org, I have observed that the Church has taken scrupulous pains to abide by the law and has demanded the same of its staff. I know that Church policy requires that all staff and parishioners abide by the law. I have not observed any illegal activities by Church staff and know that honesty, integrity and ethical conduct are emphasized at all times. When infractions, dishonesty or unethical conduct are found, I know from my own observations and experiences that the Church has taken appropriate actions to rectify the conduct and to help the individual at fault mend his ways…."

"I have always been and continue to be treated very well by the staff and have been well fed, have had plenty of food, rest, clothing, vitamins, medical care and anything else I needed."

"…my position within [the Church] was quite junior at all times. I was not an executive…. I could never be honestly described as "a high-ranking Scientologist" or a "key insider" or anything like that. I am not and have never have been [sic] an officer or director in any Scientology entity or corporation…. I wasted the numerous opportunities that I had to obtain religious training and counseling and, consequently, I have very little actual knowledge of Dianetics, Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, Church structure or management. I was a simple security guard."

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