Paid To Lie to A German TV Crew

Scarff’s long term association with other sociopaths and anti-religious extremists, is well documented. In once such instance, after participating in what could only be described as a one-sided anti-religious hatchet job by a German TV show, Scarff feigned remorse and revealed in a letter to the producers of the show that he had been paid for his on-camera lies to create the show. In Scarff’s own words, he said:

“I lied numerous times and both Mona Botros and you knew I was lying, not credible and not worthy of being relied on. The show creates a completely false impression and I can imagine that Scientologists in fact find it libelous.”

“To make the record clear — I was never a Scientologist or a Scientology agent. I have no knowledge of prison camps or “mysterious deaths” or planned assassinations of anyone from 1991 or at any other time. I was never staff of the Office of Special Affairs, nor did I carry out any activities on behalf of that Office. In fact, I was never on staff for any Scientology Church.”

“I never saw any prisoners at any Church facilities.”

“I was never threatened by anyone from Scientology even though I falsely accused Scientology attorneys of planning to kill persons critical of the church.”

Scarff goes on to chastise the producers stating,

“You also knew my history of lying, yet you chose to ignore it. Your anticipated sources for the story refused to co-operate, so you were stuck with me. Even though you caught me lying to you and said you didn’t trust me, you still used me as your ’source.’”

“I feel guilty that I allowed Ms. Botros and you to buy me off with your feigned friendship and money. Your lack of objectivity and journalistic ethics, together with your willingness to subvert the truth has led to a program that gives a totally incorrect, even fraudulent, picture of the Church of Scientology.”

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