Paid to Conduct Kidnappings

Religious Freedom Watch has learned that years before becoming an Anonymous leader Garry Scarff was a “kidnap for hire” deprogrammer for the Cult Awareness Network and worked closely with with various CAN kidnappers who targeted religious minorities from the 1970s to the mid 1990s until the group went bankrupt after being hit with a multi-million dollar judgment in a federal kidnapping case filed by one of its victims.

Apparently to get even and gain attention, Scarff turned on the group after he was blackballed from CAN for testifying against fellow kidnapper Bob Brandyberry in a 1988 Denver kidnapping case. After being ejected from CAN, Scarff executed a series of four declarations detailing the felonies and other crimes in which he and other CAN kidnappers had been involved.

RFW has obtained copies of these signed declarations in which Scarff confesses to the following crimes and religious hate crimes amongst other things:

  • Scarff confessed to assisting Adrian and Anne Greek in planning the kidnapping and deprogramming of their daughter.
  • Scarff confessed to assisting CAN kidnappers Bob Brandyberry and Diane Benscoter in a kidnapping and subsequent failed deprogramming of a member of the Unification Church by the name of John Abelseth in Canada.
  • Scarff claims that he was raped by deprogrammer Bob Brandyberry who he then testified against in Brandyberry’s 1987/1988 kidnapping case.
  • Scarff confessed to the kidnapping and attempted deprogramming of a college student around Christmas time in 1983. Another CAN deprogrammer / kidnapper Mary Alice Chronaloger and several others assisted Scarff.
  • Scarff dished up detailed knowledge of anti-cult attorney Ford Greene’s marijuana cultivation and use.

Unable to remain honest or exhibit social behavior for more than a brief period, Scarff’s life has been punctuated by lies and betrayal of anyone who has been unfortunate enough to become his friend or who has tried to help him or place trust in him. Scarff’s modus operandi is to commit all manner of immoral anti-social and/or illegal acts and then in a feigned act of remorse, make a confession in which he freely admits to the most alarming crimes while blaming others, only to then resume his illicit behavior.

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