Lies in Lawsuit to try and get Money

Scarff’s lies and deceit has not been limited to just the subject of the Scientology religion. He has likewise abused other religions, although to a lesser degree. For example, in a lawsuit that Scarff filed in 2001 against his boss and former employer, UCLA, Scarff concocted a story that he had been subjected to discrimination based on his religion, claiming that he was Jewish and his boss, a Syrian, had acted abusively and had him terminated.

Scarff lied in the lawsuit stating, “Ayoub was aware of the fact that Plaintiff’s race, ethnicity and religion are Jewish and that Plaintiff’s mother was born in Israel. Ayoub, on the other hand, is Syrian.” However, Scarff’s birth certificate clearly shows that his mother, Estelle Nadine Cox, was born in Missouri, and that Scarff was born in Sacred Heart Hospital, Fort Madison, Iowa, the attending physician a sister in the Church. Scarff’s family was Catholic and Scarff later threatened to sue the Catholic Seminary he was rejected from, when he wanted to become a priest.

Scarff’s vindictive lawsuit was dismissed in 2002.

Scarff is currently claiming to be disabled in order to obtain Workmen’s Compensation yet regularly comes out with members of Anonymous to try and harass and intimidate members of the Church of Scientology. In one instance Scarff and other Anonymous harassed a member of the Church to the point that he reacted physically at which point Scarff hit him over the head with the stick of his picket sign. Scarff has numerous past instances of attempting to incite violence against Scientologists

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