Don Jason

Don Jason is an apostate who left his position as volunteer staff in 1996 quite suddenly, before it could be discovered that he had been stealing from his wife and his church.

Jason revealed these facts himself, several months later, when Church officials offered him a chance to come clean about his transgressions and still remain a Scientologist. In a public statement, Jason revealed for the first time that he had a long history of criminality, dating back to before he became a Scientologist. He admitted that he intentionally withheld that part of his personal history from fellow Church members, because he knew it would disqualify him for admission into the Church’s religious order, The Sea Organization, which demands a very high level of ethical conduct.

Recently, Jason has taken to fabricating lies about his former religion, apparently as part of yet another unethical money-making scheme. But the following excerpts from his 1997 public statement make it clear that Don Jason is a life-long thief, who is no more trustworthy now than he was when he was a teenager who robbed bars.

This is Don Jason, in his own words:

“In the years prior to my Scientology involvement I was addicted to drugs. I regularly stole and cheated others to support this habit to the point where these dishonest acts became a way of life. In fact, I robbed a number of bars when I was a teenager….

“My sister and brother-in-law – – Scientologists, worked to help me get off drugs and to change my way of life.

“Although I had many improvements with the Scientology I did apply, I continued to commit various criminal acts.

“I knew that this philosophy could save me from certain death as a drug addict and criminal.

“I heard of the religious order called the Sea Org and that its members maintained a higher ethics level, higher than any other and I joined this organization.

“I withheld my background from the Sea Org as this would have disqualified me from employment.

“I was joining this group as I knew that they would not permit me to continue my dishonest ways.

“This clean ethical environment of the Sea Org improved, beyond compare, my life.

“However, having joined under false pretense [sic], and not being there on the same terms of [sic] the other group members I covertly continued to engage in criminal activity.”

Jason goes on to state that, over a period of years, he stole approximately $4,000. of Church property; misspent his wife’s money to the point where he felt “morally accountable to her for $25,000” engaged in promiscuous activity, and then took another $2,500 from his wife after cheating on her with another woman.

Jason goes on to list numerous other transgressions committed against his church and fellow church members, revealing a life-long pattern of deceiving others that he has not yet found the courage to change.

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