Deana Holmes by her Friends

Here is a discussion about Deana Holmes a.k.a. Mirele or Mir by her friends:

Mark Plummer: “and with mir [Deana Holmes], I am plain sick of her … for me, it was when she called me a censor because I complained to newsguy about a post by Travis Sargent.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “I feel the same way…”

Mark Plummer: “Also, recently she blurted out “F–K YOU” to me when I asked her if she would be picketing anywhere I don’t need crap like that.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “Well, that is one of mir’s [Deana Holmes] standard responses. She has long been known to be abusive.”

Barbara Graham: “A bit sensitive that nobody is buying her lame excuse not to picket, eh?”

Mark Plummer: “Right.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “Kady, ptsc [Rob Clark] and charlotte are all three on her side.”

Jeff Jacobsen: “She doesn’t picket anymore?”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “She [referring to Deana Holmes] is lame. She did not mind taking money from mom [Ida Camburn].”

Jeff Jacobsen: “oh.”

Mark Plummer: “She has said she won’t.”

Barbara Graham: “Or tickets from Bob.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “and I have now heard from several sources that she only went to CW [Clearwater] in order to find a job with [name deleted] that is why she took the ticket from Bob that time. but [name deleted] was only interested in her being a secretary, if at all. “

Barbara Graham: “Well, I would not let my relatives dictate my activity. I think that’s just lame.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “Bullshit she is a Patty [Patricia Greenway] pom pom flunky as well.”

Barbara Graham: “heh”

Jeff Jacobsen: “If the family wants to raise $ on a web site then I’m glad they didn’t use mine ’cause I don’t like mixing $ and info.”

Mark Plummer: “Good. I wondered how mir’s [Deana Holmes] site became the “official” one.”

Jeff Jacobsen: “I know the answer… F–K YOU.”

Mark Plummer: “Hah haha hahaha that’s funny. Bunny’s [Elizabeth Ann Cox] comment is the one that made me laugh first then I saw Jeff’s [Jacobsen] comments so I am doubly laughing.”

Elizabeth Ann Cox: “She’s [referring to Deana Holmes] really rather pathetic and it must have been a blow to her ego that [name deleted] would only consider her as a secretary.”

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