Deana Holmes

On her internet website Deana Holmes describes herself as “a non-practicing agnostic.” Perhaps because an agnostic, according to Bertrand Russell, is “against persecution, and rather chary [cautious] of moral condemnation,” this explains Ms. Holmes’ description of herself as “non-practicing.” Her actions with regard to religion demonstrate that she both condemns and persecutes those who hold religious views.

Holmes attacks religious groups and parishioners via the internet and participates in anti-religious demonstrations designed to disparage and intimidate parishioners.

Please be advised that the samples of Holmes’ writings below contain profane and abusive language.

Holmes Attacks Christianity

On her website Holmes describes herself as a “post-Christian” and attacks Christianity with such pronouncements as:

“… the traditional Christian God is a god of torture.”

“Christians refuse to confront this: the Christian God is a sadist.”

“Christianity is founded on a man’s bleeding body.”

Holmes also promotes conflict amongst religions, for example here is some advice to a Christian:

“… the further you fall into Protestantism, you will find people who will condemn other Christians, such as Catholics, to hell, because these people Obviously Don’t Know Jesus.”

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