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The following are examples of how Touretzky refers to members of the media he manages to dupe and how he reacts when reporters take time to investigate his spurious allegations and question Touretzky’s methods, motives and character.

Regarding Fox News & CNN:

David Touretzky: “I’m waiting on a phone call from Fox News.”

Patty Pieniadz: “Fox News! Kick some Ass dst [David Touretzky].”

David Touretzky: “Yeah, this is not a live interview. It’s to assist with their research.”

Patty Pieniadz: “Nice and it’s nice that they call YOU and not Lerma for info.”

David Touretzky: “Well we already knew CNN were a bunch of cult suck-ups & on the phone with Fox News now. Okay. This is going to be major. They’re talking about sending a camera crew out to Pittsburgh.”

Patty Pieniadz: “Nice.”

David Touretzky: “Yeah. Good thing I got a haircut today.”

Regarding a WPXI Channel 11, Pittsburgh, reporter:

Here, Touretzky gives his distorted view of the facts when a Pittsburgh television reporter did a story on Carnegie Mellon University hosting a Touretzky website that contains instructions on how to build bombs and use them against police. While funded by government grants, Touretzky is known for spending countless hours of his work time participating in extremist chat rooms where he and his associates contrive to feed lies and distorted information to media outlets concerning religion and religious groups in the hope of duping them into writing stories that suit their hate agenda. RFW is reviewing thousands of chat logs concerning Touretzky and his associates that show quite vividly the true intent and character of these extremists. Below is just one example of the many that we have found.

David Touretzky: “There was this local TV investigative reporter, Karen Welles, who was trying to get me to give her an interview about the raisethefist stuff [this is a website that contained information on how to build bombs] I declined to speak to her. Well I found out yesterday that a guy in our business school, who is a former law school dean, did give her an interview on the subject of my web site.”

Rob Clark: “Good interview, or “everyone knows that guy’s crazy” interview?”

David Touretzky: “So it was a good interview. But here’s the kicker… He asked her, “so, is this going to air at 6pm, or at 11pm?” And she said “Oh, neither. We’re saving this for sweeps week.” “

Rob Clark: “We investigated Karen Welles, right?”

David Touretzky: “Right.”

Rob Clark: ” & and she turned out somewhat clueless but not & otherwise a wacko.”

David Touretzky: “Her email seemed pretty clueless but not wacko, no but definitely not someone I’d trust to handle a complex issue.”

Rob Clark: “but just clueless enough to write some nonsense just misinformed enough to attract psychos.”

Regarding a WPXI Channel 11, Pittsburgh, reporter – More:

David Touretzky: “Goddamn reporter stuck a note under my office door today evil, malicious cow left me voice mail too.”

Deana Holmes: “What? Who?”

David Touretzky: “Karen Welles from WPXI & because she’s a f—ing TOOL.”

Deana Holmes: “Did you call her and tell her that? Seriously.”

David Touretzky: “I was tempted.”

Dena Holmes: “Every answer should be: Karen, You’re a tool of Scientology, so I won’t be answering that question, either. It’s better than the 5th amendment.”

David Touretzky: “Accusing a reporter of being a tool of a cult can be twisted to make me sound like a paranoid wacko. Remember, she’s got the editing machine; I have Nothing.”

Deana Holmes: “How do you put her in her place? Probably by refusing to talk to her.”

David Touretzky: “I don’t. I just told her not to call or email me again.”

Deana Holmes: “What the f–k did she want?”

David Touretzky: “She wants to interview me about those two kinky & pictures on my web site. You’ve seen ’em?”

Deana Holmes: “Kinky?”

David Touretzky: “Originally I didn’t have the women’s breasts covered up. So Barbara Schwarz was accusing me of distributing porno on my web site.”

(Note: Touretzky omits to state that he also had a picture of a penis with electrical devices attached to it).

Deana Holmes: “Oh Jesus f–k.”

David Touretzky: “So I made these funny captions and used them to cover the womens’ breasts.”

Deana Holmes: “She obviously doesn’t go to Were these photoshopped?

David Touretzky: “So WPXI calls up CMU for confirmation, and CMU says: “Whuh?????.” So a CMU’s attorney calls me up and says “Did somebody here censor your web site?” And I said “Hell no!”

Patricia Greenway: “???”

David Touretzky: “TFCVP [Patricia Greenway VP of the Totally Fun Corporation]: you’ve heard this story already.”

Patricia Greenway: “No, not about censoring.”

David Touretzky: “So CMU tells the reporter: “no, we didn’t censor anything” but now the reporter sees a chance to smear either me or CMU some more, so she wants an interview.”

Patricia Greenway: “Who’s the reporter?”

David Touretzky: “Karen Welles, of WPXI-TV — the one who smeared me over the bomb making info back in March.”

Patricia Greenway: “Any connection between her and the cult?”

David Touretzky: “Well f–k her — I’m not giving her an interview.”

Patricia Greenway: “No, don’t. & Well, I would tell her to suck an egg why bother helping her slime you?”

David Touretzky: “And she’s such a malicious bitch… all she wants to do is make headlines by running dirt on CMU or anyone else she can find.”

Patricia Greenway: “Sounds that way but what was the “tip” she got? (you haven’t told me any of this).”

David Touretzky: “Oh, it was definitely that way back in March. I refused to give her an interview because I saw what was coming, but two other professors let her interview them about my web site.”

Patricia Greenway: “What was the tip?”

David Touretzky: “I talked to those professors afterwards. They said she’s not stupid; she knew what she was doing. She was smearing me deliberately — they did it for sweeps week. Promoted the hell out of the piece, too. The tip was CMU censors Touretzky’s web site.”

Patricia Greenway: “Then send her a fax telling her that she should be careful where she’s getting her “tips” from—no censorship took place” period let her quote you on that.”

David Touretzky: “CMU’s PR person already took care of that.”

Patricia Greenway: “Oh good then that’s it she can go suck an egg now.”

David Touretzky: “But she won’t let go… she’s still after me. She stuck a note under my door today.”

Patricia Greenway: “She’s calling you directly?”

David Touretzky: “Yeah.”

Patricia Greenway: “Bitch. & F–k her close ranks ….send her a scan of the CMU’s PR statement by email and fax.”

David Touretzky: “I’m not sending her anything; CMU PR can deal with her. I sent her a two-sentence email that said she was not to phone or email me again.”

Patricia Greenway: “What a pain in the ass.”

David Touretzky: “Yep, that should get rid of her. I’m surprised CMU still lets her on campus.”

Patricia Greenway: “Well, giving her the bums rush would give her another story.”

David Touretzky: “Yeah, but it would be her last story.” (Note: Was that a threat to a reporter for exercising her Free Speech?)

Patricia Greenway: “So they’re smart to allow her on then stonewall her.”

David Touretzky: “I just want to smack her.”

Patricia Greenway: “I feel ya.”

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