Hate Campaign

Documents reviewed by Religious Freedom Watch show that Touretzky routinely spends hours in a chat room with other bigots who plan anti-religious activities. He also uses his position at CMU and university resources to facilitate his hate campaign against Scientology. For example he used his offices and facilities at CMU to plan a radio show attacking Scientology.

One of Touretzky’s favorite anti-religious extremists is Robert Clark who was caught hacking into government computer systems. Ironically, it was the CMU emergency response team that eventually tracked down Clark and brought him to justice. Now a professor from that very institution supports Clark’s hate activities.

Another extremist whom Touretzky associates with is Keith Henson. In April, 2001, Henson was found guilty of having committed a hate crime against Scientology parishioners in Riverside County, CA. Four days prior to sentencing, Henson fled to Canada to avoid possible jail time and has since been sentenced in absentia.

Touretzky’s efforts to attack the Study Technology are supported by two hate-mongers, Scott Pilutik and Kady O’Malley. Pilutik conducted hate marches with Arnaldo Lerma who is a renowned anti-Semite and supporter of Willis Carto. O’Malley specializes in listening to gossip, harassing parishioners and invading the privacy of Scientologists. She doesn’t have any expertise on the subject she is attacking.

Touretzky has also traveled to Florida to participate in anti-religious demonstrations. Touretzky is proud of his anti-religious activities and has boasted to his friends about his harassment of the Church of Scientology and its parishioners. His postings and statements on the Internet tend to be hateful and vulgar.

Touretzky tried to “infiltrate” Scientology under an assumed name. In 1998, after attending a conference in Los Angeles at taxpayer’s expense, he appeared at a local Church, gave a false name, and lied about his interest in learning about the Scientology religion.

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