Government Grants

Abuse of Taxpayer Money?

This page inaugurates a special feature of Religious Freedom Watch. We have posted the evidence of Touretzky’s extremism. We have shown evidence of Touretzky wasting the time, money and computer facilities of his employer by devoting his energies to these destructive pursuits.

We will now begin posting the government grants received by Touretzky so that everyone will know the government agencies who are indirectly supporting Touretzky’s extremist agenda by way of their financial contributions. Considering the first grant, one would think, for example, that the National Science Foundation would not want their $338,334 supporting Touretzky’s bomb-making instructions, his racist hate speech and his other excesses — especially at a time when government resources are strained fighting the war on terrorism.

This grant is only the first of many we have obtained and, frankly, it is quite a load to analyze, scan and post, but it is worth it considering the invaluable material uncovered. So look for regular postings on this site.

Further information concerning Professor Touretzky’s extravagant experiments will be posted when obtained.

Some Grants Applied For By Professor David Touretzky

National Science Foundation: Account Number 9978403

2004 National Institute for Mental Health Grant

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