David Touretzky is employed by Carnegie Mellon University as a research scientist. In addition to his participation in numerous other hate activities, Touretzky spends an inordinate amount of time engaging in religious and racial discrimination as part of his on-going hate activities on the Internet. Below are quotes culled from hundreds of hours of Touretzky’s chat room writings (the culling is still ongoing).

It appears that David Touretzky hides behind, and abuses, the policy on academic freedom at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). He seems to believe that his position entitles him to unrestrained discrimination against African Americans, and other ethnic groups, in addition to the other derogatory information he spreads via his CMU website.

As you will see from the quotes beneath, David Touretzky is not a person who makes the occasional discriminatory remark out of ignorance. Quite the contrary, he spends several hours a day on a hate channel engaged in a dedicated attack on religions and races while “at work”. The number of hours that Touretzky has dedicated to this pursuit exceeds 300 hours in less than a year (more hours are being calculated for the remaining years). We presume that Touretzky was paid full salary while he spent those 300 hours spreading hate on the internet, a fact that we assume should be of concern to his employers at CMU as well as those government and private institutions that fund Touretzky’s considerable research grants.

Religious Freedom Watch does not tolerate racial discrimination and the type of hate speech propagated by David Touretzky. We respect Carnegie Mellon University and it is our opinion that Touretzky’s action is damaging CMU’s reputation. We invite you to read the statements Touretzky has made and decide for yourself whether or not Touretzky should be allowed to continue his activities at the expense of the taxpayer, and whether or not he should be considered a social “expert” of any kind.

Technical Information:

Touretzky’s postings to Usenet show that the organization he is posting from is Carnegie Mellon University.

The chat logs that have been made available to Religious Freedom Watch show that most of the time Touretzky logs into the chat room from CMU.EDU.

Here is some of the technical information, directly from the chat logs:


DST = David Stuart Touretzky.

Discrimination Against African Americans:

Part I

David Touretzky: “There should be a video game where you can beat Rodney King.”

Part II

David Touretzky: “Don’t quote that scumbag Jesse Jackson, Tory, or I’ll puke in your lap.”

Part III

David Touretzky: “I think we need a project to kick Oprah’s ass.”

Part IV

Rob Clark: “Senator Diane Watson, California State Senate.”

David Touretzky: “Oh, she’s a *state* senator. Did she get elected to congress after that statement was made? So now she’s their whore in Washington?”

Rob Clark: “dst, no, now she’s a congresscritter.”

David Touretzky: “She is the former ambassador to Micronesia! and she’s black. I should have known. What are all the really st00000pid congresswomen black?”

Part V

David Touretzky: “Washington DC is more disgusting than Harlem.”

[Name Deleted]: “How and why is Harlem disgusting.”

David Touretzky: “Disgusting as in rates of illegitimacy, drug abuse, domestic abuse, shootings, prostitution, welfare culture. I think Harlem has gotten better the last few years, but DC has not. White men don’t walk in Harlem at night.”

[Name Deleted]: “Yes they do it is not and never was ‘disgusting’. What’s disgusting is you, dst, for even calling it ‘disgusting’. Some of the greatest art and science in this country came from Harlem.”

David Touretzky: “I know that Harlem was once a major cultural center.”

[Name Deleted]: “I resent you saying Harlem is ‘disgusting’ dst and you should be ashamed. Not was once still is, always was. I just think it’s wrong.”

David Touretzky: “The great Harlem theaters and clubs have closed although the Apollo is still around.”

[Name Deleted]: “Why do you say Harlem is ‘disgusting’.”

David Touretzky: “For the same reason DC is disgusting.”

[Name Deleted]: “And that is???”

David Touretzky: “If you wanna buy crack cocaine, go to Harlem or DC, not Wall Street.”

[Name Deleted]: “dst, cut to the quick here you [are] what’s disgusting?”

David Touretzky: “Doesn’t DC has the highest murder rate in the country? Or is it only second highest now?”

[Name Deleted]: “These are like the little racist pop-ups you see on Neo nazi channels.”

David Touretzky: “[name deleted] objects to my stating opinions, and even more to my citing statistics.”

[Name Deleted]: “dst, do the good one about how the niggers are killing everyone. You have all those in pop-ups when you’re on those other channels, don’t you? You know, the neo-nazi ones the white supremacists ones you go on, dst, the niggers are just a problem.”

David Touretzky: “Although, [name deleted], your remark about ‘niggers’ reminds me of an incident I’d been meaning to tell you about. This happened quite a few years ago now.”

[Name Deleted]: “Harlem is not disgusting.”

David Touretzky: “Back before we were all posting on Usenet, we had a local bulletin board system here at CMU. And one of those boards was dedicated to no-holds-barred discussion.”

[Name Deleted]: “That’s racist dribble and frankly, I won’t continue.”

David Touretzky: “I asked on this board why we had no term that was the black equivalent of ‘white trash’. Because, you know, the N-word was totally unsuitable. We needed some other term. A term that would show that the speaker drew a deliberate distinction between people of a certain skin color who behaved decently (as in ‘decent white folk’) and those who behave badly (as in ‘white trash’).”

Rob Clark: “I have an equivalent as offensive as n-word term for black trash. ‘clarence thomas’.”

David Touretzky: “So why don’t we have equivalent terms for blacks?”

[Name Deleted]: “We do, dst.”

David Touretzky: “And what would those terms be?”

[Name Deleted]: “You just don’t know them. Human beings. It’s really deep in there, dst, maybe one day you’ll get over it.”

David Touretzky: “Living in trailers is a white thing. Drive-by-shootings are a black thing etc. Anyway, here’s the interesting part of my story. A colleague of mine, from Texas, took grave offense at my inquiry. He said that the reason people say ‘WHITE trash’ is to distinguish it from ordinary trash, which is ASSUMED to be black. So even “white trash” is an anti-black term. Personally, I think we need a term for ‘black trash’ so that people can express disapproval of a subculture without appearing to denounce an entire ethnic group. I also think ‘white trash’ is a useful and appropriate term.”

Part VI

David Touretzky: “… we have a high infant mortality rate for a developed country, but it’s not because middle class people’s babies are dying. It’s because of crack whores giving birth to high risk premies.”

[Name Deleted]: “dst, why do you use language like that?”

David Touretzky: “I’m just telling the truth.”

[Name Deleted]: “the truth you are telling is that, despite all your great intelligence and capacity and humor, you are, so it seems, under it all and hateful racist.”

David Touretzky: “maybe [you] know something about crack whores that I don’t. … but if you want to talk about race…. infant mortality in the US is much higher for blacks than for whites. I have no idea what the racial breakdown of crack whores is.”

[Name Deleted]: “there are no “crack babies” first of all that term is a misnomer and medically incorrect.”

David Touretzky: “I’m sure that blacks are over-represented in that profession, but in terms of absolute numbers, I don’t know.”

[Name Deleted]: “so, it’s about class then.”

[Name Deleted]: “dst, you really take yourself down when you use language like that. classism IS a form of racism.”

David Touretzky: “it’s your right to not like my language.”

[Name Deleted]: “dst, it’s not that I don’t like it. It’s what it says about you that I find, well, very disappointing. I guess I’d expect more from you.”

David Touretzky: “I’m not creepy. I’m just impatient with people who run down this country.”

[Name Deleted]: “… but using language like that is inflammatory it invites rebuke demands it.”

David Touretzky: “you wanna defend crack whores?”

[Name Deleted]: “yup.”

David Touretzky: “Go ahead. I’m listening.”

[Name Deleted]: “they are saints. first, they are sex workers women who are living, trying to make a way in a brutal world they are people responding to conditions that are totally out of their control sometimes and come from long stading problems, often going back to home life lack there of many are victims of abuse they are all human beings and they find themselves in this place and someone introduces them to the idea of being a prostitute. So this name calling of “crack whores” is first and foremost a cry of pain, sort of like road rage and this langue of “crack whores, crack babies (which don’t exist), welfare queens” it’s not just classist, but it’s also racist one is contained in the other.”

David Touretzky: “Why do you say crck babies don’t exist?”

[Name Deleted]: “it’s my understanding that more recent research disproves the original ideas of what was a “crack baby.”

David Touretzky: “disproves it how? The stats on premature birth are pretty clear.”

[Name Deleted]: “the addictive properties of the drug are not passed along from Mother to Child as they were thought when the original term was put forward. it’s not premature so “crack baby” is not a valid term.”

David Touretzky: “a baby who is born not-premature or underweight, and not addicted to any drug, would not result in high medical costs.”

David Touretzky: “but there are babies who run up $500,000 in hospital costs because of their medical problems, which they wouldn’t have if their mother wasn’t a crack whore.”

[Name Deleted]: “it’s a racist term. get it f***ing straight crack babies and crack whores is racist crap bullshit and I will rebuke that kind of racist hate speech as long as I live.”

David Touretzky: “you should listen to kady [O’Malley]. I’m not racist, I’m classist. And they’re NOT equivalent.”

[Name Deleted]: “YES bullshit, dst that is such crap since Class is based on race don’t run that specious line, dst. come to terms with your own hate and racist heart.”

David Touretzky: “that URL you posted was an article from 1992. And it’s just an AP piece, not a serious scientific article.”

[Name Deleted]: “so what? read the lasttest info for youself. that’s HOW long that term went out of style — dst, you’re still in bell bottoms, highwaters, that’s yesterdays racist stuff.”

David Touretzky: “well for one thing, the article looks only at babies who survive long enough to make it out of the hospital.”

[Name Deleted]: “the dead ones dont’ matter, do they.”

David Touretzky: “if they die after spending a month in NICU, they cost hundreds of thousands.”

[Name Deleted]: “under it all is the economic, on that agree, but keeping it that way involves, indisputably, racist practices like it or not, not just racist, but always racist and that dst’s speech is both classist, which is seems strnagly proud of, and racists.”

David Touretzky: “Larry Elder says blacks are more racist than whites. … Well yelling “racist” doesn’t advance your argument.”

[Name Deleted]: “ok, so then were shall I start to just show you how creapy and hatful you are. Hateful as in “crack whores who are running everything.”

David Touretzky: “I mean, who cares if a crack whore’s kid is retarded because of alocohol abuse instead of cocaine abuse? The kid is still fucked. … there are more whites than blacks on welfare in this country.”

[Name Deleted]: “oh so what, dst. drop it ok.”

David Touretzky: “I don’t think you’re calling me a hateful racist because of some minor detail.”

[Name Deleted]: “dst, that you do not know shows only the depths of your ignorance and need to think really deeply about this.”

Discrimination Against the Salvation Army:

“… the Salvation Army … buncha fuckheads.”

Discrimination Against Hispanics:

“Man, Hispanics are fucked up, which is why they’re still working class. Dipshits.”

Discrimination Against Chinese:

“It would be cheaper to just buy your replacement organs from executed Chinese.”

Discrimination Against Muslims:

David Touretzky knows no boundaries when it comes to religious discrimination, bigotry and hatred. Touretzky’s following comments about Muslims say it all:

Chris Owen: “Saddam is seen as the oppressor of the Iraqi people, but the us is seen as the oppressor of all Muslims.”

David Touretzky: “fuck the muslims.”

David Touretzky: “check out the bloody muslims .. jeez what loons.”

Concerning Abortion & Infanticide:

David Touretzky: “Maybe they’ll ban partial birth abortion though. Not that I think they should. Hell, I’m for post-partum abortion! Retro-active abortion! Up until, say, the age of six months.”

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