With regard to Touretzky’s posting of bomb instructions on the Internet, former FBI agent Lane Bonner stated to reporter Karen Welles:

“It [Touretzky’s website] might encourage terrorism. There are people out there. There are single individuals out there that may not have that knowledge. The information is now readily available to them.”

The entire transcript of the WPXI report from Karen Welles can be found at

Religious Freedom Watch encourages you to write to your Congress Person denouncing this form of cyberterrorism that is being perpetrated under the guise of “free speech.” It is your tax money, being given as grants to CMU, that is, in reality, funding such activities. Put an end to it.

Exercise your first amendment right to speak out against those who abuse the Constitution of the United States by using it to forward a vicious agenda that threatens the safety of our communities.

Touretzky’s Connections

When one examines the actions of Touretzky and his associates one sees a frightening pattern emerging. The interconnections between Touretzky and other extremists, their combined actions promoting bomb making and their knowledge of explosives is detailed in this pdf file: Touretzky’s Connections.

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